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McDonald’s is Serious About Angus Beef, Too

[Update: In New Zealand,McDonald’s adds a Moroccan Lamb Burger on Sept. 26.]
Last month, McDonald’s introduced its Serious Lamb Burger to consumers in Australia. Now it’s going back to its beef roots: This week (9/26) the chain unveils a new Serious Angus Burger as a limited-time offering there, according to sources. This member of the Angus line will feature a new “home-style Angus patty.”

The Serious Angus Burger is a new version of the Grand Angus (above) and Mighty Angus burgers added in 2009.

McDonald’s added its Mighty Angus and Grand Angus burgers in Australia in August 2009 (shortly after it introduced its Angus Third-Pounder line here). They became the anchors for the chain’s upscale, upper-price “M Selections” menu in Australia.

Like the Serious Lamb Burger, McDonald’s Angus line was developed in conjunction with Meat & Livestock Australia, a trade organization representing ranchers. Despite its steep price—AUS $7.95 (US$8.32)—the Serious Lamb Burger and a $3 Serious Lamb Taster snack-wrap version reportedly have scored well in Australia. Pricing information for the Serious Angus Burger was not available, but the Mighty Angus was priced at AUS $6.75 (US $7.06 currently) when introduced in 2009. The Grand Angus was priced at AUS $6.45.

McDonald’s has augmented the Angus line there previously, creating the Angus the Third sandwich—differentiated by its tomato-chili relish topping—as an LTO in July 2010.

◙  McDonald’s has no Angus beef line in France, but it has had success with burgers on bagels.  Last year, it offered a trio: the Bacon Bagel Burger, Cheese Bagel Burger and Pepper Bagel Burger.

Bagel burgers will return to McDonald's France.

Now French blog fastandfood reports that a new line of bagel burgers (at left) will be on the French menu as of November 21. This time the burger varieties are Bagel Bacon, Bagel Cheese and Bagel Red Onion. Plan ahead.

◙  And in the UK, McDonald’s is again offering its popular BCO (bacon, chicken, onion) sandwich as an LTO. You may recall that this sandwich has been marketed in many other European and South American markets as the CBO.

A rearrangement of ingredient emphasis was necessitated in the UK by the government’s creation of a new Criminal Behaviour Order (replacing the old Anti-Social Behavior Order), commonly called the CBO.

◙ And in the U.S.? New Angus, bagels, chicken? No. We have the systemwide adoption of the $1.99 Daily Double burger on the Extra Value Menu and the 20th edition of the Monopoly promotion. The game starts tomorrow.

1 comment to McDonald’s is Serious About Angus Beef, Too

  • Penny

    I notices that the serious lamb has rosemary flavour, so it can’t be 100% lamb… there must be room for the flavour. So is a serious Angus 100% beef or is there flavour added and if so, is anything else added as well?

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