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When you turn cheeseburgers into Wisconsin Cheeseburgers, you’re not just adding extra flavor, you’re adding the prestige of award-winning quality. Quality your customers will pay a premium for.
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McDonald’s $9.25 Big New York Debuts in Israel

As with gas, U.S. food prices are high unless you look at what the rest of the world pays. In Israel, McDonald’s has introduced two “Big America” half-pound-plus steak burgers priced at $9.25 (31.50 Israeli New Shekels), according to YnetNews.com. Want fries and a drink? The combo meal is $14.66 (49.90 Israeli New Shekels). 

Ynet says McDonald’s is using a 250-gram (.55 lb.) patty made with prime rib and entrecôte (rib steak) meat that is 90% lean. The hefty burgers required installation of new cooking equipment and an overall retrofit investment of $2 million. The chain says the Big America burgers were developed to compete with local burger chains such as Moses, Agadir and Burgus. 

The 639-calorie Big New York burger is topped with lettuce, tomatos, pickles, onion and Royal Sauce. The 698-calorie Big Texas burger gets barbecue sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and fried onions. No cheese or bacon, of course, because neither would be Kosher.

Meanwhile, McDonald’s/Israel says the vegetarian McFalafel ground-chickpea item has left the menu. “It was an experiment and we realized that falafel doesn’t belong in McDonald’s,” McDonald’s/Israel CEO Omri Padan told Ynet. McFalafel was introduced in January, priced at $2.80 or $4.75 for two or five pieces of falafel (a Middle East staple), respectively, plus tahini (sesame paste) and salad in pita bread.

4 comments to McDonald’s $9.25 Big New York Debuts in Israel

  • Arthur

    This burger is freaking delicious!
    And btw, you can ask for cheese. Most of the stores aren’t Kosher at all.

  • Dekom

    Great burger, the meat is 100% pure Qualitative and tasty like a good rib steak Entrecote should be.

  • Roman Dmitri

    I’m eating this thing right now and it’s gross. Too big to hold properly so it falls apart. What you’re left with is a giant mess. Junior Chicken with Tomato and a Bacon Cheese for me, please.

  • Dbag

    It might be a giant mess because you’re eating and typing dimwit. Judging from your comment of good burgers, you’re a dainty handed chick not meant to hold a real burger. The original big Texas btw is an exclusive Mcdonalds burger. Double quarter pounder with no ketchup. Add extra extra extra mustard tomato and lettuce. Both patties seasoned heavily with black pepper on both sides and grilled under clam grill. I know because in the 90s I was a manager and made this

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