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McDonald’s 1955 Burger Served With Its Own Legend

[10/17/2013: The 1955 is back and better in the UK. Update here.]
[9/7/11 Update: See here about the 1955’s entry into the UK.]
[4/20 Update: For a sneak peek at the 1955 ad campaign McDonald’s might use in the U.S., go here]
[1/27/11 Update: Click here to see how McD’s has introduced the 1955 in Italy. It was added in Spain on March 1, 2011.]
A new 1955 Burger that McDonald’s introduced this week in Germany comes not just with bacon and caramelized onions but with a whole backstory.

A TV spot (watch it here) from Heye Group that introduces the burger is first set in “Chicago 1955,” where we see a young woman in a period-perfect Formica-covered kitchen, listening to rock ‘n roll on the radio as she creates a row of luscious bacon burgers. Jump ahead to “Deutschland 2010” where a McDonald’s crew member seems to have found her recipe and recreates this homemade  Chicago burger from 1955 in the restaurant. It’s a lot of play-pretend for a fairly straight-forward burger creation.

I don’t remember anyone having the audacity to put bacon and caramelized onions and barbecue sauce on a hamburger in the ’50s, but perhaps my parents were unimaginative or I’m just not remembering my youth clearly. McDonald’s website for the burger gathers references to blue jeans, Buddy Holly, James Dean and other icons. It seems a little strange that a burger so tied to American culture is available in Düsseldorf but not Detroit.

While McDonald’s explores imagined Chicago history in Germany, in Austria the chain has New York and Texas in mind. Until Nov. 17, its LTOs are the New York Classic burger with Cheddar and spicy onion rings and a new burger, the Big Texas Bacon, topped with bacon, spicy cheese, onion rings and barbecue sauce. After that, the “Stars of America” menu promotion will cycle in the New York Bacon burger and a Big Pepper Cheese burger that will have bacon, pepper-Jack cheese and Cheddar sauce.

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