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McDonald’s Wraps Up Chicken Selects

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McDonald’s continues to explore what it can turn into a tortilla wrap, and it keeps ratcheting up the quality. First it tried stepping up from wrapping a regular burger patty in its Big Mac Snack Wrap to the bigger, better Angus Snack Wrap that goes national Aug. 10. Now McDonald’s is trying a similar upgrade with chicken.

mcd_irelandwrapsIn Ireland this week, McDonald’s introduced Wraps (yes, sadly, that’s the boring name), a range of four full-size wraps, two of which use the chain’s Chicken Selects tenders as the protein. This is a departure for the chain, which previously has used chopped Chicken McNuggets in snack items such as the mini Snack Wrap Giardino it’s offering now in Switzerland. Using the higher-quality selects for these full-size McWrap sandwiches hints at where McDonald’s may go soon in the U.S.

The four Wraps, each in a soft tortilla,  are:
Sweet Crispy Chicken Chili Wrap with two Chicken Selects, shredded lettuce, cucumber slices, mayo and the sweet chili sauce used here as a McNuggets dipping sauce during a Winter Olympics promotion;

Crispy Chicken & Bacon Wrap with two Chicken Selects, smoked bacon, shredded lettuce, a tomato slice, a sweet-tangy sauce and mayo; 

mcd_irelandwraptv1Salsa & Mayo Grilled Chicken Wrap with grilled chicken (not Selects), arugula, shredded lettuce, tomato slices, grated Cheddar, mayo and salsa;

Spicy Veggie Wrap with chopped spicy veggie burger, sweet chili sauce, cucumber slices, shredded lettuce and mayo. What’s interesting here is that McDonald’s has no veggie-burger alternative on its regular menu. It’s unclear where this nonmeat patty comes from.

A TV commercial (at right) backing the Wraps launch shows people doing a variety of tasks—playing the piano, solving a Rubik’s Cube, typing, golfing, etc.—one-handed while eating a wrap.

3 Responses to McDonald’s Wraps Up Chicken Selects

  1. UnixGal

    I would say that’s a MAJOR upgrade over chopped Chicken McNuggets. My gosh, I don’t even like typing that.

  2. Ren Hoek

    Um, McDonald’s already uses Chicken Selects in the US for the Crispy Wraps. See and click on Nutrition Info.

  3. Steve Butler

    I have never been offered any tomotoes, cucumbers or anything but lettuce, cheese, and sauce in my area.