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McDonald’s Tries Family Dinner Boxes in Australia

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[March/2011 Update: Click here to read about the McBox in Czech Republic and Breakfast Boxes in Malaysia.]
McDonald’s is trying the “boxed value meal” tactic that KFC and others have used successfully for years. In Australia, McDonald’s has launched Family Dinner Boxes, a tiered-price series of Happy-Meals-for-four available from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. in a market where breakfast lately has been the hottest arena.

are three Family Dinner Box bundled-meal options:
● The Family Value Dinner Box is the entry-level family meal, priced at AU$19.95 (about US$18.31). Food choices include two signature Big Macs, two cheeseburgers and 6 Chicken McNuggets, with four small fries and two medium and two small soft drinks included.

● The Family Favourites Dinner Box upgrades food choices to include two Quarter Pounders as well as two Big Macs, and all four drinks go medium; two large and two small fries are included. The price moves up to $24.95.

● The Family Selections Dinner Box is the premium option. Food choices include the Grand Angus and Mighty Angus burgers introduced last summer, plus two big Macs or QP. All drinks and fries are larger size. The “Selections” name ties to the “M Selections by McDonald’s” menu of premium-price items that McDonald’s created last November in Australia (where McDonald’s has about 800 stores). All this costs AU$29.95 (approximately US$27.33).

Many quick-service chains have reported that as economic conditions have worsened, consumers increasingly have cut back on purchases of sides such as fries and drinks. Like other meal-bundle promotions, McDonald’s Dinner Box effort counters that trend by putting all courses together at a value-conscious price.

mcd_selectionsdinnerTV commercials from DDB Sydney promote family togetherness at mealtime and appeals to give Mom a break from shopping, cooking, cleaning, etc. at dinnertime. The commercial for the Family Value Dinner Box claims the $19.95 price represents savings of more than $13.

McDonald’s shift to a focus on dinner business is an abrupt departure from its long-running battle with Hungry Jack’s (Burger King in Australia) for dominance at breakfast (colloquially called “brekkie” or “brekky” there). McDonald’s has created such new items as the Brekkie Snack Wrap and, most recently, the $3.95 Mighty McMuffin (with bacon and sausage). HJ’s has countered with the Big Brekky Wrap and Eggs Benny. Hungry Jack’s has about 330 Australian locations.

12 Responses to McDonald’s Tries Family Dinner Boxes in Australia

  1. Things just keeps on getting better and better around here and companies are just limited by their own imagination
    I love McDonalds and I would really love to try this one of these days when nobody is cooking!

  2. Natalie

    My son and I have tried the Macas Dinner Box and we couldnt choose a better meal than that as its worth the cost. MacDonalds, you’ve done it again.

  3. Amy

    Well good to see this come to Australia had pretty much the same Deals in New Zealand Macca’s for a few years now!! Would be great to see Family, Breakfast boxes next. Keep up the good work…

  4. jeffrey zheng

    maccas sux
    30 dollars r u serious
    those ppl saying its good becoz they work for maccas
    i no this coz i saw one of em do it
    i work in maccas

  5. Angry fat matt

    As a proud fat man, I have chomped down many many family meals in my time and I find that I am not satisfied that this attempt at a family from macca’s is sufficient enough to fill my morbidly over weight belly of mine. I hear by announce that I believe that as a frequent customer of macca’s I will be abandoning the family as they are no more than an over rated happy meal…..So supersize that ya cheap bastards!!!!

  6. Megan

    The Family Value Dinner Box is great value for money, but we’ve gotten it twice and the food was cold both times. I don’t know if this is because they used pre-made burgers that had been sitting on that shelf thing for a while or what, but either way…

  7. susan

    i just quit working for maccas as i have finished school and am going on to better things but i know from experience all the dinner boxes are prepact at 5.00pm and left under the heated light once the order is places we just throw in in the fresh chips and the drinks.
    i have worked at 2 different maccas from yr7 to yr 12 and both places did the same.

    i was addicted and loved maccas before i worked there for 6 years, if you think the family meals are handled badly trust me u dont wana know what they do to the rest of your food.

    not to mention the ronald mcdonald donations which are often pocketed by managers, its disgusting.

    not worth your money or your health guys!!!!!


  8. Brittany

    they are an excellent price and who cares if they are pre packed. they never used to make burger when they were ordered. and if they wernt pre packed everyone would be whinging coz they had to wait. i love maccas and eat it regulary and not salads. im at a perfect weight. with a lower than average cholesterole. the only thing maccas could change is employing people that can spell their name right, then my order might not get f’ked up as much as it usually does.

  9. admin

    I think we can all agree that “Brittany” shouldn’t criticize anyone else’s deficient spelling.

  10. How much is the dinner box

  11. Didn’t read that far in the article?

  12. Declan Crowley

    I bought a ‘value’ meal at the Moranbah McDonalds on 31/1/13 and it cost $27.55 and the nuggets were stale. It’s an occasional ‘treat’ (?) that I won’t do again in a hurry!