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McDonald’s Tests Egg White Delight McMuffin

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In Austin, Texas, and Atlanta, McDonald’s is testing the Egg White Delight McMuffin, a lower calorie (260 vs. 300), more healthful version of the iconic Egg McMuffin. In September, when it unveiled its new menu boards with calorie info, the chain had announced earlier that it intends to make an egg-white sandwich available nationally in 2013.

The test sandwich is being offered for just $1 this week as McDonald’s works to strengthen customer traffic and sales, which have declined this fall. That softness resulted this week in the departure of McDonald’s USA President Jan Fields. Jeff Stratton, formerly EVP-Global Chief Restaurant Officer, takes over U.S. operations Dec.1, 2012.

In addition to a “freshly grilled egg white,” the sandwich includes white Cheddar cheese (used on the new CBO) plus a round of Canadian bacon on a toasted English muffin with 8 grams of whole grain. McDonald’s gives information about the sandwich on a subpage to its website.

McDonald’s also vowed to add more fresh, seasonal vegetables and fruit, including cucumber and blueberries, on its menu as it continues to improve its nutrition profile.

10 Responses to McDonald’s Tests Egg White Delight McMuffin

  1. Barbara Moore

    Excellent for taste, and seniors: Egg White Delight meal with OJ only 590calories
    Great protein to carbohydrate ratio
    Super Big Breakfast Feel.

  2. Jsamilpa

    Delish! Hope it stays!

  3. KB

    Excellent Sandwich!!!

  4. Martha B

    So what’s the POINTS PLUS value for this sandwich? I eat it without the canadian bacon, so I am curious about how to put together the elemeents of the sandwich and come up with a realistic calorie count and protien content etc. Can’t find it on the mcDa qwbaite, can’t find it locally – any thoughts?

  5. Sure. The article you’re commenting on gives a calorie count of 260 for Egg White Delight.

  6. Carol in Georgetown, TX

    What is nutritional analysis (or calorie count) of this egg white & Canadian Bacon sandwich WITHOUT cheese? Thanks.

  7. A plain cheese slice at McDonald’s has about 54 calories. I don’t know if the White Cheddar used with Egg White Delight is slightly more or less than 54.

  8. Calitex

    One morning on way to work and willing to try something new.. Glad I did! Was surprised how much I don’t miss by having just egg whites.. Love this option!

  9. debbie

    Why can’t the new McDonald’s Egg White WW Sandwich have a slice of tomato on it instead of Bacon for those who do not eat meat thank you

  10. Who says it can’t? Ask for it that way at your McD’s and see if they will accommodate. Surely they at least will remove the bacon.