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McDonald’s Testing $1 McCruncher

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McDonald's cheeseburger (shown above) gets dressed up as the McCruncher in test markets.

That was fast. On May 4, reported that McDonald’s had filed a federal trademark application for the name “McCruncher.” Apparently the name is just too good not to use.

In selected markets including several in Alabama, McDonald’s has begun testing a—you guessed it—McCruncher cheeseburger. Two things are interesting about it. One is that it dresses up that poor, long-neglected plain Cheeseburger. It gets white Cheddar, a zippy Chipotle Ranch sauce and crispy onion strings for crunch, and it’s plain no more. What’s also interesting is that the cheeseburger still is being menued for just $1, giving the McDouble  some much needed and tasty competition on the Dollar Menu. Blogger GrubGrade recently reported that McDonald’s elsewhere is testing a Bacon McDouble for $1.99.

Steak ‘n Shake this month added a Jalapeňo Crunch Steakburger to its menu as the popularity of fried onions as a burger topping increases.

3 Responses to McDonald’s Testing $1 McCruncher

  1. jaymee

    I live in California and I’ve been seeing commercials for this. Shouldn’t it be specified that this is only in select areas? Its quite awkward ordering this in California and having the workers stare at you like you’re making stuff up. Please bring this to California.

  2. Tommy Black

    The McCruncher is a big hit with my family. The fried onions are good, and the chipotle ranch is warm but not over spicy. Really great sandwich

  3. crissey p

    A friend brought me one for lunch one day and I Loved it. My family loves them and all my friends thats tried them love it. Please make this a permanent addition to the menue