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McDonald’s Premium Chicken Line Gets an Upgrade

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McDonald's Premium Chicken sandwiches get a new bakery-style bun.

Ten days ago, McDonald’s Corp. CEO Jim Skinner told analysts the chain was working on “the revamping of the chicken lineup in terms of the sandwiches.” Later in the earnings call he added that the U.S. team “is targeting additional opportunities for line extensions and limited time offerings in both beef and chicken as it explores the use of artisan breads,” which are popular in Europe. 

Now we know that McDonald’s is following the burger-joint adage that you don’t need to change the beef, you can just improve the bun and have some menu news for the marketplace. The revamp of the Premium Chicken line involves (so far)introduction of a softer bakery-style bun for the Classic, Club and Ranch BLT chicken sandwiches. The premium price stays steady. 

Also going onto the McDonald’s menu nationally this week, as expected, are Frozen Strawberry Lemonade and Asian Salad (with chicken, of course). Availability of a Mango Pineapple Smoothie is expanding and a Chocolate Banana Shake is an LTO in some markets. 

Wendy’s, meanwhile, just can’t seem to get enough chicken. While it’s testing a variety of new sandwiches and adding bakery buns to existing sandwiches, it also has brought back Flavor Dipped Chicken sandwiches—first offered in fall 2008—as an LTO in selected markets. Available with Bold Buffalo or BBQ sauce, the sandwiches are priced at about $4.39, depending on market, which is comparable to McDonald’s Premium Chicken sandwich pricing.

5 Responses to McDonald’s Premium Chicken Line Gets an Upgrade

  1. I have it from a source that McDonald’s is actually changing the breading of the crispy chicken. It will be more “homestyle” and “like fried chicken am told. Should have more info on this on GrubGrade within the week.

  2. bob

    Very disappointed in this change. Bread is softer but not to my liking. It is really just like the white bread rolls on the burgers uses whole wheat but is not any artisan bread. I won’t go out of my way for this sandwich anymore.

  3. HatesTheNewBread

    I’m with you bob: the new bread doesnt even compare to the old bread. That is the last time i get that sandwich. The wheat bread will be missed.

  4. Michael

    I just discovered this change this weekend. It was funny, I ordered it once and thought they messed up the order. I went again and I said, wow they did it again.

    This bun is nondistinguishable from the hamburger buns. Disgusting.

  5. Sherri Kasparek

    I do not like the new bun for the chicken sandwiches, I miss the whole wheat buns flavor and texture. The new bun tasted highly processed and sweeter. Please bring back the old bun.