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McDonald’s Moves “M Selections” Menu Even More Upscale

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When it created the “M Selections by McDonald’s” menu in Australia in 2009, the strategy was to set apart the chain’s premium-price items, including the Mighty Angus and Grand Angus burgers that had recently been introduced. As advertising explained, these menu items are “A little bit fancy.” Now Macca’s, as the chain is colloquially called there, is further testing its pricing latitude with consumers by broadening the “M Selections” menu. Additions include not only new Angus and chicken burgers but also high-end breakfast sandwiches priced above $5 each, plus premium-price shakes and dessert. New, oven-baked foods are in test.

Two additions are Angus the Great, an LTO burger topped with mushrooms and Swiss cheese and a permanent-addition Grand Chicken Burger, a seared or crispy chicken breast topped with mayo (known locally as chicken sauce), onion relish, red onion rings, lettuce, tomato, and processed cheese (known by its unfortunate brand name Coon cheese) on a sourdough bun.

More interesting are the “M Selection” breakfast items: the NYC Benedict Bagel, with bacon, egg, processed cheese and hollandaise sauce; the Boston Deli Bagel, with bacon, egg, tomato, cheese and seasoned avocado; and a toasted bagel with jam. Permanent menu additions, the bagel sandwiches are premium-priced at about $5.25 (Australian and U.S. dollars are roughly equivalent at the moment). That compares with regular McMuffin sandwiches priced between $3 and $4. The bagel and jam is priced at about $3.

From April 13 to November 29, McDonald’s will offer the first “M Selection Shakes.” Priced 50¢ above small shake prices, the Chocolate M Selection Shake will have swirls of Oreo cookies. The Strawberry M Selection Shake will be topped by Cadbury white-chocolate flakes. A new “M Selections” dessert, also coming in April, will be Double Choc Brownie Bites that can be added to any McDonald’s Dinner Box for an upcharge.

More upscale foods are in the works. The Sydney Morning Herald reported that McDonald’s is testing oven-baked foods. Sources say that test in underway in the state of South Australia and may involve items such as chicken kabobs or tandoori-style foods.