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McDonald’s Considers Chicken for Breakfast

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McMorning Chicken

[8/22 Update: McDonald’ has introduced the Chicken Muffin for breakfast in Japan.]
Given commodity prices that favor chicken over beef, McDonald’s has managed to promote chicken on its menu wherever it can, from revamping its Premium Chicken sandwiches to testing Chicken Flatbreads, testing Chicken McBites and a Chicken Grande wrap, and trying spicier versions of McChicken.

But it hasn’t pushed chicken hard at breakfast. 

That’s why it’s interesting to see McDonald’s trying out a new McMorning Chicken breakfast sandwich in Austria. Essentially a breakfast chicken burger, it’s topped with lettuce and tomato and served on a kaiser roll. Introduced with it are a McMorning Bacon sandwich and a ham-and-cheese Breakfast Wrap. 

McDonald’s breakfast menu in the U.S. has just the Southern-Style Chicken Biscuit in the chicken category. A chicken burger would make an interesting addition with Wendy’s about to jump into the breakfast market.

2 Responses to McDonald’s Considers Chicken for Breakfast

  1. FYI McDonald’s Germany has had a breakfast McMuffin Fresh Chicken sandwich since it debuted Easy Morning breakfast in 2008.

  2. Carl

    McD’s Southern-Style Chicken Biscuit hasn’t been on the breakfast menu that I’ve seen (in the plains and upper midwest) for quite some time. Right now they are chicken free in the breakfast hours around here.