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McDonald’s CBO Moved to UK. Is USA Next?

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mcd_cbo_germany[Update: The CBO finally makes it to the U.S. in October 2012 but in a different form. Read about it here.]
[Update: The CBO is back in the UK but renamed the BCO. What happened? Go here.]
has introduced its bacon-laden CBO (Chicken, Bacon, Onion) sandwich to its menu in the United Kingdom after moving the product around Europe as a limited-time special over the past year-plus.

mcd_cbo21The 615-calorie CBO’s appeal is a familiar one: bacon. In many forms. As served in the UK, the sandwich combines a chicken patty with “bacon and pepper flavoured cheese,” “chicken & bacon sauce” and, of course, “streaky bacon,” all on a square, sesame-seed bun. Onions and chicken may share the billing, but they’re hardly the stars here.

Sometimes paired with the similarly bacon-topped NYCrispy burger (as currently in Belgium) , the CBO has been a proven winner for McDonald’s in Europe, where the chain’s sales have outpaced its domestic performance. For January, McDonald’s reported that U.S. sales were down 0.7% while European units posted a 4.3% gain during the month. As a result, if the sandwich performs well in the UK, the CBO could be the first premium European item that McDonald’s imports to its U.S. menu.

Click here to watch a funky sci-fi commercial for the CBO from DDB Prague. This may be the strangest McD’s commercial ever; don’t expect this to move to the U.S.!

10 Responses to McDonald’s CBO Moved to UK. Is USA Next?

  1. HA

    Best McDonald’s Chicken sandwich ever, hope they start selling it in the USA soon.

  2. Ryan

    I had this sandwich when i traveled to Greece. It is incredible. I hope it appears in the USA asap.

  3. Katie Salvatore

    I had CBO in Norway and Danmark :) It´s pretty good!!! I wish I can buy it here in Slovakia, too! :)

  4. Lars (from denmark)

    I am from Denmark and even though the sandwich is unhealthy bla blah blah that’s awesome.

    this is still the best “sandwich” i’ve ever tasted, not only does it contain chicken and bacon, but it contains awesome tasting chesse that is pepper flavoured mmmmmmmmmmm….*drools* but it contains bacon, salad, and onion. and well maybe a sligthly bit more but i forget that since i think of the taste (i can’t believe i can forget it…)

    in all this amazing CBO (sounds so awesome, CBO) get’s 10/10 from me, and i have only tasted it once. and i will go eat one soon again

  5. din-o

    and now has come to Cyprus!!!

  6. Gordi

    CBO is been introduced in Croatia recently. I’ve had high expectations about it but was disappointed after tasting one. Something is missing, probably sauce should be more spicy. Big tasty bacon and even Mcbacon are much more delicious.

  7. Mats B.

    Have tasted it a few times since it’s arrival here in Sweden, but honestly – I cannot see what the fuzz is about! At first, it’s always more tasty with a pure chicken breast fillet than one with fry batter, secondly, something _is_ defenitely missing! The sauce is probably too blend as Gordi says. No I’ll take our own McFeast any day over this one!

  8. maja

    can someone tell me if CBO is comin to Ireland, please??

  9. John

    I’m German and I live in Greece since 2001. The CBO burger is here since 2009, and it’s my favorite one. The only thing that discourages me from saying that it’s the best burger ever, is the fact they don’t put enough sauce in it.

  10. Jan met de pet

    I had the burger in the Netherlands, where it was my favorite Mac burger. Had a few in Belgium in different McDonalds’ and it didn’t even come close to what I was used to in the Netherlands. Badly made, chicken had no taste! But other foods like McNuggets were OK there.
    Now, they don’t seem to be sold anymore in the Netherlands. What is a great shame! I want CBO back!