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McDonald’s Canada Thinks Small with New McMini

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mcd_mcmini_halvesAfter re-engineering the burger into the Mac Snack Wrap last year, McDonald’s Canada is back with another twist. This time it’s taking on the chicken sandwich, which it has scaled down into the McMini, a two-item line joining its menu in Canada on March 30, a company spokesperson confirmed.

mcmini_adJust as the Mac Snack Wrap includes half a Big Mac burger patty, each of two McMini versions has half of a grilled or fried chicken fillet. The grilled-chicken variety is topped with pesto sauce; crispy chicken gets a red-chile-accented Thai sauce. Both are served on mini baguettes. The items were tested in Quebec last year, now they get a full-Canada push, priced at C$1.99 (after earlier testing, shown below, at $1.89). Advertising begins March 22 via Cossette, Toronto, which handles the brand in Canada.

The decision to halve a chicken fillet lengthwise and use an oblong mini baguette rather than cut across or use a patty and have a small round bun instead is interesting. Round and square (with focaccia buns) mini sandwiches have been proliferating on McDonald’s menus in Europe for several years and have done well. Minis helped the chain’s European operations post a 5.2% same-store-sales increase last year, double the improvement for U.S, store.

McDonalds “McMini” (English) from MOTOR // flame artists on Vimeo.

In Germany, for example, McDonald’s is promoting the small-size Chicken Rustico and Western Beef (at right) sandwiches, the latest entries in its Snack Deluxe line, priced at approximately US$2.46. In Denmark, McDonald’s mini sandwiches are branded as Little Tasters. The latest are a Chicken Salsa Cheese (US$3.50) and Chicken ‘n Bacon (US$3.87). Such mini sandwiches-usually marketed in tandem with tortilla-base Snack Wraps in Europe-haven’t been tried on McDonald’s menus in North America. Until now. And the McMini name is flexible enough to be used with small burgers as well as chicken if the idea is well received.

Full size still seems to be the American way judging by the McBistro Chicken sandwich reportedly testing in McDonald’s in Albuquerque, Baltimore and Omaha. The build is grilled or crispy chicken topped with bacon, white Cheddar, tomato and choice of three sauces (chipotle barbecue, honey mustard or buttermilk ranch) on a whole-grain bun.

14 Responses to McDonald’s Canada Thinks Small with New McMini

  1. Judy

    do you have the nutrition rating for the McDonald’s McMini.
    The calories, fat content and fibre.
    Thanks Jud

  2. admin

    Yes. And it’s now available on the McDonald’s Canada Web site.
    Thai Grilled Chicken = 260 calories, 9 grams fat
    Thai Crispy Chicken = 310 calories, 14 grams fat

    Pesto Grilled Chicken = 280 calories, 13 gram fat
    Pesto Crispy Chicken = 350 calories, 19 grams fat

  3. Don

    Whats the song in the advertisement?

  4. admin

    Emilie Mover singing her song “Made for each other.”

  5. Chan

    Where can you download this song?

  6. admin

    The song, “Made for each other,” is on Emilie Mover’s album Le Pop Fantastique. The song can be downloaded via iTunes for 99 cents. Less than the price of a McMini.

  7. Shelley Smith

    I would have thought $1.39 would be better

  8. Daddy

    Man, I’m hungry…

  9. Kelly

    How come it has soooo many calories?? Could you possible make it so it is less fat and less calories. 280 is the lowest and that is really high for such a small sandwich.

    Thank you

  10. steve

    Most annoying ad campaign ever. I won’t be encouraging more of this.

  11. Shulamit

    I have the grilled Thai McMini without mayo and it is only 4 WW points (210 cals, 2 fibre, 4.5 fat).

  12. Engel Bert

    It is a great idea.I’m not sure how large these burgers will be nor have I tried them,so it’s hard to make up my opinion on them yet.But if they’re single bite burgers I’d rather stick to the yummy unhealthy value meals.

  13. Lida

    I had a Spicy Thai McMini while I was in Canada visiting some relatives.It was very good.=D

  14. Jan

    Please get these in the US!!! Had them both in Canada this weekend. They were so awesome!!!!!