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McDonald’s Ad Celebrates its Local Supply Chain

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httpv:// quick-service restaurant chains talk about the weather, it’s usually to claim stormy skies as a reason why sales declined. But a new McDonald’s commercial airing in the United Kingdom brings up the weather as a way to discuss the chain’s reliance on the products of local farmers.

The commercial is the work of Leo Burnett’s London office, which last year produced the folksy, rhyming “Favourites” commercial and the recent World Cup version, also in rhyme, that both close with the line “There’s a McDonald’s for Everyone.” This new commercial—filmed in Derbyshire, Cumbria and Staffordshire–exudes the same warm, paternal tone as it argues that Britain’s weather helps Britain’s farms, which supply Britain’s McDonald’s with organic milk, free-range eggs and potatoes. It closes with the new line “That’s what makes McDonald’s.”

MarketingWeek magazine quotes Jill McDonald, chief marketing officer for the UK and Northern Europe, as saying, “With this commercial we honor two things which are unmistakably British: unpredictable weather and first-rate farming. This is the next chapter in our ongoing campaign to drive awareness of the care and attention that our supply chain puts into producing McDonald’s food.”

The magazine says that McDonald’s will continue to focus on its supply chain and on food quality in advertising as the 2012 London Summer Olympics approach.

A year ago, McDonald’s aired a 45-second TV commercial from DDB Sydney celebrating the chain’s longstanding relationship with Australian beef ranchers as part of its introduction of Angus beef burgers there. That commercial’s theme was “Hand in hand with Australia.” Product-quality campaigns also are in place across Europe.

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