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McDonald’s 1967 Burger Salutes Its Canadian Past

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Nearly two years ago, McDonald’s introduced the 1955 Burger in Germany, named for the year Ray Kroc opened his first McDonald’s. That sandwich has since been menued at McDonald’s throughout Europe, becoming one of its most successful launches. 

Now comes the 1967 Burger, introduced this week only in Canada’s Quebec province with hopes of similar success. Named to salute the year the first Canadian McDonald’s opened (in Richmond, British Columbia), the 1967 is topped simply with cheese, bacon, lettuce and tomato. 

Europe's 1955 Burger

Prices vary for the premium-tier sandwich, but $3.67 (US $3.73) was average at units contacted, with combo meals at about $6.67 (US $6.79).

The “year burgers” do more than provide fun LTOs, of course. They also allow McDonald’s to reinforce the long brand relationships it has enjoyed. At a time when new burger concepts open all the time and critics snipe at McDonald’s food, toys or whatever, it’s not a waste of marketing dollars to remind everyone that it has been a part of millions of lives over decades.

Cossette handles McDonald’s advertising in Canada. TV spots in English and French position the 1967 Burger as “A tribute to classic taste.” As an appeal to classic customers who remember 1967,  TV spots use Steppenwolf’s “Magic Carpet Ride” as background. Tell me if you find that I’m wrong, but that song was on the Canadian-American (they began as John Kay & The Sparrows in Toronto) band’s second album, released in late 1968. Close.

McDonald’s has done province-exclusive limited-time offers in the past. In August 2010, it sold a Smokehouse Deluxe burger only in Ontario, while British Columbia had the Quarter Pounder Deluxe to itself.

3 Responses to McDonald’s 1967 Burger Salutes Its Canadian Past

  1. victor

    I came here to find out what the fuss is about,it sounds like a dud to me.. what a stupid concept, if thats the best mcdonalds can do, no surprise subway is now ahead.

    1967 burger= lame idea

  2. admin

    Subway is “ahead” because it has more stores open (i.e. in gas stations, etc.). The average McDonald’s unit’s sales are 4x those of a Subway. Burgers are always Ahead.

  3. moi

    Well it was awesome!!! Didnt have the weird taste their hamburger normally have!!! It should have stayed on the menu….