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McDonald’s ♥ New York City

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To many people outside the U.S., McDonald’s equals America, and America means New York City.

Given that progression, McDonald’s overseas obsession with New York City isn’t surprising; it’s just cultural branding. Over the past 18 months, the chain has offered a New York Special burger in the United Kingdom, a New York Supreme burger in Scandinavia, New York Beef Classic in Germany, New York Quarter Pounder in Japan and the NYCrispy in Spain and elsewhere. McCafé in Germany added cupcakes named for New York City neighborhoods East Village, Chelsea and Soho plus Central Park. 

McDonald’s in the Czech Republic is keeping the homage humming as it wraps up its “I ♥ New York” promotion. Each week it features a new sandwich named for a New York City locale: 

Wall Street Beef: Grilled beef cheese, crispy bacon, fresh lettuce and onion with BBQ sauce on an oval bun topped with sesame seeds. 

Brooklyn Classic: Grilled beef with bacon, two slices of cheese, lettuce and red onion on a grilled bun topped with sesame seeds. 

Manhattan Grilled Chicken: Grilled chicken breast with lettuce, tomato, red onion and crispy bacon with honey-mustard sauce on a wheat baguette. 

Soho Grande: Grilled beef with spicy pepperoni salami, cheese, cheese sauce and Mexican salsa on a cheese-topped bun. 

Broadway Chicken: Crispy chicken with cheese, cheese sauce, lettuce, onions and bacon on a roll topped with sesame seeds and chiles. 

The lovefest comes complete with its own non-NYC side, Sladká Srdička or “Sweet Hearts”: heart-shaped,fried apple-raisin fritters. There’s also an online contest with trips for two to, yes, New York City as the top prizes.