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March BurgerBusiness Madness! Your ’09 Brackets Are Ready!

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openburgerThe NCAA will wait until Sunday, March 15, before announcing the 64 college teams going to the Big Dance this year. But burgers are too important to wait another week. So BurgerBusiness unveils the 64 burger concepts going head to head, bun to bun for this year’s crown as 2009 National Burger Champ.

The March Burger Madness spreadsheet is broken into the traditional four regional brackets: the Kroc (named for McDonald’s entrepreneur Ray Kroc), McLamore (for Burger King founder Jim McLamore), Thomas (for Wendy’s founder R. David Thomas) and Karcher (for Carl’s Jr. founder Carl Karcher).

There are a number of surprises in this year’s tournament, including the slide of preseason favorite The Counter to a No. 4 seed and veteran burger chain Fuddruckers managing only a No. 12 seed despite claiming to have the “world’s greatest hamburgers.” Several so-called “mid-major” burger brands made this year’s tournament for the first time, including unheralded Acme Burger Co. and Fiamma Burger, both in with No. 15 seeds, and fast-growing Smashburger, the No. 5 seed in the Kroc bracket.

Burger operations to watch in this year’s tournament? Don’t count out Bagger Dave’s Burger & Fries, home of the fabulous Train Wreck Burger, and Big Daddy’s Burger Bar, where guests can choose from among 11 types of cheese and 12 condiment toppings. They’ll be tough, but McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s and Jack in the Box got to be No. 1 seeds by defeating upstart chains.

Click the “Burgerbracket1” link below to see the ’09 March BurgerBusiness Madness brackets spreadsheet. Fill it out as you wish or visit for regular updates on our picks of winners and losers. Game on.


MARCH 22 UPDATE: See second-round bracket results here: burgerbracket-322

March 28 Update: The Elite 8 Have Emerged: burgerbracket-elite8

The Final Four! burgerbracketfinal41

And the 2009 BurgerBrackets Champion is …… burgerbracketwinner

2 Responses to March BurgerBusiness Madness! Your ’09 Brackets Are Ready!

  1. Go Bagger Daves !!! Just like the Spartans & Wolverines.
    A great champion can always be found in MICHIGAN !!!!
    I Love their Tuscan Burger & Dave’s Sweet Potato Chips,
    don’t forget the Honey-Cinnamon Sea Salt dipping sauce, SO unique !!!
    The locations are easy to get to, and always sparkling clean.
    Not to mention the AWESOME staff.
    A quick secret…..Try thr Turkey Black Bean Chili, healthy & Delicious.

  2. Shimul

    I’m also excited to see Bagger Dave’s in the Final Four!! Love the fries double-fried in peanut oil, especially with buttermilk ranch. The sweet potato chips are teriffic as well. There’s something fun about checking off those boxes and building your own burger. My bro and SIL are huge In-N-Out fans, as am I now – gotta love their fries and “grilled cheese with grilled onions.” But I’ll be torn on who to cheer for if they both end up in the final round!