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Lamburger Business

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Stackhouse Burger Bar's Lamb Burger

The September Burger of the Month at Atlanta’s Yeah! Burger is a 100% vegetarian-fed lamb burger patty topped with arugula and house-made basil mayo. No longer an “exotic” burger choice, ground lamb is becoming a mainstay on burger-specialty restaurants. If you don’t yet offer one and need an idea of how to dress it up, here are two-dozen more lamb burgers being offered. We’re all friends here: go ahead and borrow.

Bgr the burger joint, multiple locations
The Greek

Ground leg of lamb seasoned with cumin, mint and garlic; topped with tzatziki sauce and feta cheese and served on buttery-toasted brioche bun

The Breslin, New York City
Chargrilled Lamb Burger

Feta, cumin mayo and thrice cooked chips ($21)

Cognac Bistro, Boston
Cognac Burger

Colorado lamb, cornichon relish, pepper-Jack and crispy onion rings ($15)

Fat Guy’s Burger Bar, Tulsa Okla.
Gyro Burger

A patty that is equal parts ground leg of lamb, ground lamb top round and ground beef chuck roast topped with feta cheese and tzatziki sauce

The Federal, Miami
Grove Farms Lamb Burger

Cheddar, horseradish, mustard and grilled and pickled Vidalia onions ($18; add egg, $2)

Flip Burger Boutique, Atlanta

Border Springs lamb patty, citrus goat cheese, marinated vegetables, tzatziki and arugula ($12)

Frankford Hall, Philadelphia
The “Little Lamb” Burger

Spiced Colorado lamb patty, lemon tzatziki, cucumber and tomato jam on a seeded roll ($12)

Gourmet Burger Grill, San Antonio
Lamb Burger

Fresh spinach, roasted peppers and grilled onions ($13.99)

Greenhouse Tavern, Cleveland
Grilled Ohio Lamb Burger

Stinky cheese fondue, Champagne shallots, olive-dusted pommes frites and tangy yogurt ($17)

The Grill on Broadway,Washington, D.C.
Lamb Burger
Ground lamb, hummus, sharp white Cheddar and tomato on an artisan bun

H Burger Co., Boulder, Colo.
Colorado Burger

Locally sourced lamb, feta cheese, spicy aïoli, beefsteak tomato and H Greens ($11.95)

Handles Gastropub, Pleasanton, Calif.
Lamb Burger

Local ground lamb, feta cheese, cucumber-cream sauce, pickled red onion, spinach ($12.95)

Hopdoddy Burger Bar, Austin, Texas
The Greek

Lamb patty, feta, arugula, pickled red onion, tomato, cucumber, tzatziki ($8.50)

i Burger, Montreal
Lamb Burger

Blue cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion on a sesame-seed bun ($17.99)

Isaac’s Way, Fredericton, New Brunswick
Curried Lamb Burger

Ground lamb seasoned with curry, grilled and topped with house-made roasted-pepper-pecan spread, spinach, goat cheese and fresh peppers ($12.50)

KC Smoke Burgers, Kansas City, Mo.
Lamb Smoke Burger

Ground lamb spiced and grilled, topped with garlic cucumber yogurt sauce ($9.95)

Yeah! Burger's lamb burger

Ketchup Burger Bar, Dallas
Lamb Burger

Feta, bacon, grilled red onion, cucumber mint spread, fresh baked brioche ($12)

Kooper’s Tavern, Baltimore
à la Grecque
A blended patty of lamb, sirloin, feta, black olives and garlic, served on toasted focaccia with cilantro-mint chutney ($13)

Matt Murphy’s Pub, Cambridge, Mass.
Top Round Lamb Sirloin Burger

Feta, red-onion jam and minted yogurt ($13)

Open Door Gastropub, New York City
Lamb Sliders

Three lamb mini-burgers with cumin sauce ($14)

Park Burger, Denver
Lamb Burger

Third-pound Colorado lamb, house-made Mediterranean relish, feta and tzatziki ($10.25)

Short Order, Los Angeles

Grass-fed lamb, feta, wild arugula and salsa verde ($15)

Stackhouse Burger Bar, Vancouver
Lamb Burger

A 6.5-oz. lamb patty with goat cheese, cilantro aïoli and butter lettuce on brioche bun ($17)

Upstairs on the Square, Cambridge, Mass.
Lamb Burger

Tzatziki, chickpea fries and date ketchup ($13)