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Kiwis’ LTO Menu and Brits’ Calorie Counts

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Kiwi Burger

“Just because” is the tagline for advertising announcing the return of the Kiwi Burger to McDonald’s menu in New Zealand. The casual tone is apt because this burger—which isn’t made from the flightless bird but does top its beef patty with a slice of beet and a cooked egg—has been popping on and off the menu there for more than a decade. 

New Zealanders, affectionately known as Kiwis, get not just the Kiwi Burger this time. It returns as part of something unusual: a special, limited-time-only menu. The star of the Kiwi Menu, of course, is the Kiwi Burger, which merchandising dubs “Unofficially our official burger,” in the chain’s latest bit of menu McNationalism. The premium-price burger is NZ$6.50 (US $5.40). 

Kiwi Brekkie McMuffin

Kiwi Menu spans the day and incorporates several local idions, beginning with a new Kiwi Brekkie McMuffin. The build is a sausage patty, cooked egg, bacon, potato rosti (hash-brown patty) and tomato relish on an English muffin for NZ$5.50 (US $4.58). 

There are special a special Kiwi beverage and dessert as well. The Kiwi Pav (short for pavlova) combines “fluffy pav” (a sort of meringue) with soft-serve and pineapple-lime topping. It’s NZ$3.90 (US $3.24). To go with there’s a Frozen L&P, a slushy version of popular New Zealand soft drink Lemon & Paeroa. 

One of DDB’s TV commercials for the Kiwi Menu posits that just as Kiwis like to “fly in the face of convention” by wearing shorts everywhere, New Zealanders’ taste buds are a little nontraditional, too, which is why they love the Kiwi Burger so much. Duly noted. 

Ξ As reported here in March, Jill McDonald, CEO for McDonald’s operations in the UK and Ireland, vowed the chain would display calorie information for core items on menu boards this fall. This week, the chain made good on that promise at all 1,200 of its restaurants in the region. 

Starting today, customers know that a Big Mac has 490 kcal, six Chicken McNuggets have 250 kcal, etc. How this information affects purchase behavior will be widely watched and analyzed. 

The International Business Times reports that KFC, Pizza Hut and Pret a Manger also have agreed to nutrition transparency in the UK. They will display calorie counts by year-end.

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