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Jack in the Box Testing Breakfast Pitas

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jack_smallPublicly committed to improving the performance of its morning daypart, Jack in the Box is testing Breakfast Pita Pockets, a new spin on a platform it has used before.

The item tucks traditional breakfast foods—scrambled egg, ham, cheese and bacon; similar to what is in included in its current Meaty Breakfast Burrito—in pita bread. Menu price in test stores near the chain’s San Diego headquarters is $2.59. A company spokesman confirmed the test but declined to say when or if the chain intends to put the pitas on the menu systemwide.

Jack in the Box has had the Chicken Fajita Pita on its menu for years. It also called on pita bread in August 2008 when it added a line of Pita Snacks. These had grilled or crispy chicken, sirloin steak strips or a fish fillet with cheese and chipotle sauce in a whole-grain pita. Those snack items were priced at $1.99.

CEO Linda Lang

CEO Linda Lang

In November, Chairman-CEO Linda Lang told investors that Jack in the Box was experiencing “weakness in our breakfast daypart” due to high unemployment in key markets and the generally sluggish economy. She vowed that improving breakfast sales would be a 2010 marketing focus and that Jack would launch a “significant upgrade” for at least one breakfast item. Last month, Lang told analysts that the chain also is “looking at our coffee program” for improvement.

Breakfast has been the focus of attention for many of Jack’s competitors, including Burger King, which may introduce its BK Breakfast Bowls and $1 BK Breakfast Muffin Sandwich as early as next week. McDonald’s is adding new TV spots for its $1 Breakfast Menu. Even Taco Bell is testing the morning-meal waters more seriously.

Lang has mandated a new marketing strategy that calls for Jack in the Box to juggle multiple messages and promote more than one menu item simultaneously, and it has been doing that. The chain’s main focus has been its new Grilled Sandwiches line, introduced in February. But it also has added a new chicken salad, is promoting a “2 for $3” breakfast-biscuit deal and is rolling out new crispier french fries.

5 Responses to Jack in the Box Testing Breakfast Pitas

  1. Chelsea Leonard

    the jack in the box breakfast pita is AMAZING, I had it in san diego and now I literalllllly crave it everyday of my life. please bring it to orange county.

  2. Christie Bundy

    The new Breakfast Pita Pocket is wonderful! Hope they keep it. Their coffee, however needs a MAJOR upgrade. They need a larger size, at least 20 oz. AND they need to train their staff to fill the cup. I always buy a large and it’s usually only 2/3 full or less. You need to buy two cups of coffee to get one full cup. Disappointing.

  3. TheAnthonyFive

    It’s old, it was called the “Scrambled Egg Pocket” years ago. I don’t know why they ever stopped making them. I bought one everyday.

  4. AnthonyW

    Yes, they used to have these a long time ago and they were great. Now they went and messed them up. Just had one in OC a little while ago, just a crappy pita with a giant egg ball in it. barelly any meat now. And they use Nacho cheese now? They used to use some awesome melted cheddar cheese in there. Jack has ruined the breakfast pita of the past. BOOO JACK .. BOOOO

  5. France's Dalton

    Why is Jack in the Box not making the Breakfast Pita any longer? It was the best!