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Jack in the Box Takes a Kona Classic Coffee Break

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jack_konaWhile Burger King and Subway have embraced the Seattle’s Best coffee brand to boost their breakfast business, Jack in the Box is looking farther west, to Hawaii. The chain this week continues the improvement of its breakfast menu by rolling out new Kona Classic coffee to accompany the Grilled Breakfast Sandwich introduced earlier this month.

Asked during its February earnings call about Burger King and others improving their coffee platforms, Jack in the Box Chairman-CEO Linda Lang responded, “We’re also working on our coffee program, so more news on that later.” Kona Classic coffee, offered both iced ($1.99 for 24 oz.) and brewed ($1.39 and $1.59), is that news. And it’s important because New York-based Packaged Facts estimates the value of the U.S. coffee market at $48 billion in 2009, with foodservice accounting for 87% of those sales.

Jack is a latecomer to the “better, bolder coffee” party. McDonald’s introduced its Premium Roast Coffee in 2006, adding its McCafé specialty-coffee concept nationally a year ago. Burger King recently announced it was ditching its BK Joe coffee in favor of the Seattle’s Best brand, which will be on its menu in June, beginning with a Mocha Iced Coffee and other varieties. Subway‘s new breakfast program also features Seattle’s Best. Sonic’s Premium Roast coffee was added in 2008 while Hardee’s launched its new Colombian Blend coffee last November with little fanfare. Wendy’s Premium Blend coffee is offered in conjunction with its three-market breakfast-menu test.

Most other QSRs are focusing on cold-coffee drinks as the weather improves. Starbucks reportedly has introduced an upgrade of its signature Frappuccino drinks. Dunkin’ Donuts this month unveiled an Iced Dunkin’ Dark Roast. McDonald’s McCafé will expand its menu of iced coffee drinks this summer and add smoothies nationally. A sampling promotion for frappes was conducted at McDonald’s units last week.

Ironically, the Kona Classic coffee is not available at the 25 Jack in the Box restaurants in Hawaii.

6 Responses to Jack in the Box Takes a Kona Classic Coffee Break

  1. I tried the Iced Kona Coffee recently, it was cream-colored and not very coffee-like.

    I think I read somewhere that Starbucks already reformulated their Frappuccino and that some longterm fans were complaining:

  2. Jerry Astwood

    Just wanted you to know the I am a fan of Kona Blends and love your new Kona Classic Blend. I would like to be able to buy the ground coffee so I could make it at home. Let me know if this is possible or where I could buy a similar tasting blend.

    Jerry Astwood

  3. Love Jack

    I have restarted drinking coffee again. Today’s Kona Classic coffee in Jack in the Box’s Greenville and I635 store sent me on a trip to heaven. Oooh so smooth and rich. Thanks Jack!

  4. Sheri Fahy

    Like an earlier patron, I would like to know where I can buy ground coffee for home brewing, the same brand that Jack in the box uses. Please reply. Thanks.

  5. Jack in the Box would be the company to ask.

  6. Penny Odom

    I love Jack-in-box Kona Blend coffee. Where can I purchased coffee especially in K-cup to make at home. Please let me know if possible.
    Thanks. Penny Odom

    Penny Odom