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Jack in the Box Introduces Its Mini Sirloin Burgers

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[Update: Mini Sirloin Burgers named “Burger of the Year.”]
[Update: A chicken version of the minis was added later. See June 8 post] jack_mini_sirloin
The mini-burger market is still gearing up, but Jack in the Box already has given it some price elasticity. The chain today formally introduced the Mini Sirloin Burgers it has been talking about since the beginning of the year, and has opted not to roll them out at a discount price.

Bundled as a trio, the pint-size burgers are topped with American cheese, grilled onions and ketchup on a sweet Hawaiian-style mini bun. What’s different is the price, which is slightly higher than competitors’ entries in the mini game. Jack in the Box has priced three Mini Sirloins at $3.89, roughly the same as a regular menu addition.

The big Homestyle Ranch Chicken Club sandwich the chain added last fall came with a $4.29 pricetag. The sirloin minis also are priced above Jack’s two recent budget-price menu additions, Taco Nachos ($1.99) and the $2.99 Jumbo Deal (Jumbo Jack burger, two nachos and small fries).

Burger King has priced its smaller  BK Burger Shots at two for $1.39 or six for $4.09. Steak ‘n Shake’s Steakburger Shots are sold at 89 cents apiece.

Those of you doing nutrition math will want to know that the Mini Sirloin Burgers trio have 780 calories (35 grams of fat, 40 grams of protein). That compares with 941 calories for Jack’s big Sirloin Cheeseburger and 910 calories for its Ultimate Cheeseburger.

Click the jump to see the TV spot.

2 Responses to Jack in the Box Introduces Its Mini Sirloin Burgers

  1. I have recently bought burgers at Jack In the Box and really like them. (better that McD’s)
    The mini sirloin burger commercial is so hilarious.
    I’m glad I found it on YOU TUBE. It is truly the most well done commercial of all time!
    I’ve sent the link to my kids and friends and family.

  2. veronica

    These little burgers are great. I never eat at Jack’s in fact haven’t for over 20 years (yes 20 years!) but the commerical got me to try it. And the burgers are delicious, the very best. I will continue to buy them when I want a really good burger. But they are a bit high in calories so I won’t over do it. Thanks Jack!