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Jack’s Packs Answer McDonald’s, Accelerate Boxed-Meal Battle

The boxed-meal battle in Australia has heated up this week with Hungry Jack’s (Burger King) rolling out a new line called Jack’s Packs. The 2-, 4- or 6-person meals answer McDonald’s Family Dinner Boxes for four introduced last year and the two-person Mates Meal lunches introduced in May. 

Hungry Jack's 6-person meal.

A TV commercial with bunnies that multiply from two to four to six in front of a bewildered Hungry Jack’s counter person supports the introduction. Clemenger BBDO, Sydney, handles the account.

Hungry Jack’s 2-person meal, priced at AU$14.95 (US$15.95), includes two burgers (choice of Whopper, Bacon Deluxe or Grilled Chicken) plus one large fries and one regular onion rings, two small drinks and two sundaes for dessert. The price undercuts the AU$15.95 (US$16.91) McDonald’s charges for its two-person Chicken Mates or Beef Mates meals. 

McDonald's 2-person Chicken Mates meal.

The four-person Jack’s Pack, positioned to take on McDonald’s four-meal Family Dinner Box line, is priced at AU$27.50 (US$29.15) and includes choice of four burgers, two large fries, two onion rings, four small drinks and four sundaes. McDonald’s Dinner Boxes are priced from AU$19.95 to AU$29.95 (US$31.75).

For families larger than four people, Hungry Jack’s has an answer that McDonald’s doesn’t provide: a 6-person Jack’s Pack. Priced at a hefty AU$35.90 (US$38.06), it includes six burgers, three large fries and three onion rings, six small drinks and six sundaes. 

Hungry Jack’s hasn’t yet tried to match or best the AU$9.95 Mates Brekkie boxed breakfast for two that McDonald’s added this year.

6 comments to Jack’s Packs Answer McDonald’s, Accelerate Boxed-Meal Battle

  • toby

    who is the hot girl in the new bunny ad :)

  • gary

    I used to buy the mega meal but they changed the burgers you could get with the meal deal. But this has done what most people wanted and given you the choice of the burgers you can get. Well done, Hungry Jack’s. You must have listened to what people said.

  • breck

    who are the angry bunnies sposed to represent? bitter customers who are sick of being dictated to what they can order?

    Response to toby – she’s just another generic counterhand! get over it

  • Kris

    I llloooovvveee the bunnies in the Jack’s Packs ads. Brilliant. And the counter hand does such a good acting job. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I enjoy watching this ad! Probably continue to stick with my one Whopper a year still, though. I haven’t actually paid much attention to what’s in the Jack’s Packs.

  • Shelly

    I agree Kris; I love it too!

  • Harvey

    her name is Katrina, its on her nametag, toby, u dope!!!

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