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Isn’t it Grande? McDonald’s Tests Fresh Garden Wraps

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Continuing its unusual openness about test-market menu items, McDonald’s today announced via Twitter that it is testing yet another new chicken item. Called Fresh Garden Wraps, the full-size tortilla wraps are in Orlando, Fla., stores, priced at $3.49 alone or $5.59 in combo meals.

Fresh Garden Wraps, nearly identical in name and similar in style to the Fresh Wraps line Wendy’s tested a year ago, are offered in three varieties. All include choice of crispy or grilled chicken surrounded by mixed greens and Cheddar-Jack cheese. The California Chicken wrap has a ranch sauce; Roma Chicken has garlic aïoli; Santa Fe Chicken has BBQ ranch sauce plus black beans and corn. The wraps are marketed as “a grande-size feast that’s portable.” Rising beef prices make chicken increasingly appetizing as a menu option for chains.

Packaging for the Fresh Garden Wraps is what’s used for wraps introduced in June at McDonald’s in Ireland (where they are called simply Wraps) and also used as an LTO this year in the UK. Wraps have been limited-time specials at McDonald’s across Europe over the past year, including an Asia Shrimp Wrap recently in Austria.

In the U.S., McDonald’s has added the snack-size Angus Snack Wrap nationally while testing full-size tortilla wraps like the Chicken Grande wrap. The chain also has tested a Chicken Flatbreads line, with pita-like flatbread standing in for tortillas. It also is testing new versions of its McChicken sandwich.

8 Responses to Isn’t it Grande? McDonald’s Tests Fresh Garden Wraps

  1. JustAskin

    Hey, maybe I haven’t gotten over Thanksgiving yet, but why doesn’t turkey get its own beloved place as a beef substitute?

  2. cup-o-joe

    …hear, hear….let’s “hear” it for Ben Franklins favorite bird!!

  3. cdoty

    The Roma Chicken one is excellent, I’m looking forward to trying the others. For a lot of people, the wrap and a drink would be a decent lunch.

  4. John Etchart

    Had the Santa Fe Garden wrap today for lunch, it was absolutely delicious. I hope they become a regular menu item. McDonald’s is so way ahead of the pack, when it comes to testing new foods at their restaurants.

  5. Jim Mandala

    LOVE these wraps!!! they are such a refreshing change from the garbage you can eat at fast food places. Hope they stay for good!

  6. Meatlezz

    A Veggie Wrap would be so easy. McDonalds has never catered to the non-meat eaters. Burger King does.

  7. Al Eidenberg

    I loved the Garden Fresh Wraps. That’s what brought me back to McDonalds! If you’re listening McDonalds, please bring them back, and put them permanently on the menu!

    DeBary, FL

  8. Jen

    I agree with Al above ^ BRING THEM BACK MCDONALDS!!!!