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Hardee’s Readying Yet Another Menu Addition

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The quick-service restaurant industry’s most ambitious and most prolific menu innovator is reloading again:  Hardee’s this week has been Twitter-teasing its fans about “a new product making its way to a restaurant near you.”

hardeemenu4Sources suggest the new addition—which could be unveiled as early as Friday (9/11)—might  have an Italian accent: a Mozzarella Thickburger it is believed to be trying in some locations.

If so, it would fit the pattern of Hardee’s menu expansion. Over the past 12 months, the chain has added 10 new menu items (and one a month for the last four months), far more than any competitor except Burgerville has  introduced. The split has been six breakfast items and four Thickburgers. Even though the French Dip Thickburger was rolled out only two months ago, another lunch/dinner item would be in order rather than an additional breakfast item on the heels of the fried-bologna biscuit.

Expect any new Thickburger to be priced below the “Angus threshold.” That’s the $4 price point for McDonald’s Angus Third-Pound burgers. Hardee’s has kept just below that level with French Dip and Six Dollar Thickburgers, both priced at $3,99. It likely won’t cross the $4 line now with sibling chain Carl’s Jr. having so much fun touting its new Big Carl burger as bigger and cheaper than McDonald’s Big Mac.