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Hardee’s Debuts Padma’s “Love Affair” Commercial

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“I’ve always had a love affair with food,” coos Padma Lakshmi in her new TV spot for Hardee’s Western Bacon Thickburger. The host of Bravo’s “Top Chef” (identified here as “author/culinary expert”) says she’s tried “every flavor imaginable,” but none that compares with the 900-calorie Hardee’s burger. I buy that.


The sultry spot ends with a new tagline, “More than a piece of meat,” that is bound to cement the Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr. tandem’s reputation for edginess bordering on tastelessness. But that’s them. The audacity of hype.

The Western Bacon Thickburger is priced at $3.89, but an online coupon can save you a buck. And for those who can’t get enough Padma, Hardee’s has an extended (1 minute) version of the commercial. View it here. Still not full? A “behind the scenes” video on the making of the commercial can be seen here.

One Response to Hardee’s Debuts Padma’s “Love Affair” Commercial

  1. MEP

    Personally I hope there were 7,648 takes of Padma taking that bite. The icing on the bun would have been a final shot of Top Chef’s Gail sitting with large fries, a shake and two pies.