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Hardee’s Adds Blue-Cheese Steakhouse Burgers

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Blue cheese is back and Hardee’s has it.

Those who still lament the passing of the Bacon & Blue, Wendy’s blue-cheese-topped LTO burger from February 2010, will welcome the arrival of new blue-cheese burgers: Hardee’s Steakhouse Thickburger line.

Available in premium-size/price Six Dollar version or 1/3-lb. or ¼-lb. sizes, the burgers are topped not just with blue cheese but also with Swiss. And there’s much more on there: A.1. steak sauce, mayonnaise, crispy onion strings, lettuce and tomato. All this on a seeded bun.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Carl’ Jr. will add its own version of the Steakhouse, backed by TV commercials featuring “Hamblor,” the burger god.

2 Responses to Hardee’s Adds Blue-Cheese Steakhouse Burgers

  1. Mr. Bad Example

    That Hamblor commercial looked pretty tasty-and the hamburger didn’t look too bad,either…

  2. ian

    bring this burger back