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Gregory: McDonald’s Face of Extra Value

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Meet Gregory. If he looks familiar, it may be because he looks like the weary history teacher we all had in high school. If you were especially unlucky he also was your counselor who never really knew your name. And didn’t care. Yep, him. His is the face McDonald’s has chosen to represent the new Extra Value Menu. Value wears a turtleneck, apparently.

Gregory (actor Gregory White) pops up in new TV spots, giving laconic advice to young people about the discount menu. “Never trust a dog to watch your food. Or that guy you work with, for that matter,” Gregory says in one spot. Good to know.

The centerpiece of the Extra Value Menu is the 20-piece Chicken McNuggets pack for $4.99. But there’s more, of course: the Double Cheeseburger, Angus Deluxe Snack Wrap, Snack-Size McFlurry, Iced Coffee and Chicken Ranch Snack Wraps are also down here in this above-the-Dollar-Menu-but-below-average-pricing niche with Gregory, who has his own website.

Spanish-speaking consumers are not required to meet Gregory. New Hispanic TV spots simply create vignettes about love-struck youngsters. Me encanta.

And speaking of budget pricing, McDonald’s this week began testing a new steak & egg breakfast burrito in Atlanta, where it is introductory priced at two-for-$3. This follows a test launched earlier this month of fresh breakfast baked goods such as multi-grain berry muffins in New England and Albany, N.Y., stores.

30 Responses to Gregory: McDonald’s Face of Extra Value

  1. S Abbott

    Isn’t Gregory actually actor Ken Jenkins, who played Dr. Kelso on Scrubs?

  2. Vondirk

    I saw him in the nuggets commercial. I thought McDonalds was either trying to make me think he was the young man come back from the future, or a knockoff of Michael Douglas’s character from “ghosts of girlfriends past” where he played Matthew McConaughey’s womanizing uncle.

  3. TBD

    Wow… Dr. Kelso?!? You need glasses badly. Not to mention ears. Looks and sounds nothing like Ken Jenkins.

  4. knowitall1119

    Gregory White is Gregory

  5. when i first saw one of these spots, I thought it was Ringo Starr :lol:

  6. Joe

    March 29th, 2012 at 10:31 pm
    I saw him in the nuggets commercial. I thought McDonalds was either trying to make me think he was the young man come back from the future, or a knockoff of Michael Douglas’s character from “ghosts of girlfriends past” where he played Matthew McConaughey’s womanizing uncle.

    Yes, I thought the same thing about him being a reference from that movie too. The uncles name was Wayne.

  7. Stuart Ginn

    It is rather nice that a veteran actor like Gregory White has a new gig with McDonalds, but I have a much better question. Who exactly is the beautiful girl in the comercial and why is her agent keeping her a secret? I see a future star on the horizon.

  8. Joe L

    I thought the actor was an actual “smart guy.”Why couldn’t Mickey D’s pay a real “smart guy” for the commercial? I think it would have worked much better.

  9. Einstein

    @ Joe L

    They couldn’t get a “smart guy” because a “smart guy” wouldn’t be eating McDonalds.

  10. Maggie Wilson

    My husband thought it was Gene Hackman. I think he looks a little like Michael Douglas.Either way, I’ve go too much time on my hands.

  11. WTHeck!

    My husband has been asking me who this guy is everytime the commercial comes on! I have Googled everything. How funny, McDonalds got what they wanted…attention, conversation, recall!

  12. JohnnyDetroit

    Oh man – would Hawking have been classic, or what.
    Maybe they didn’t want the nuggets related to black holes :-)

  13. Susan

    Actually, I assumed it was a smart guy that I wasn’t smart enough to recognize. That’s the only reason I found this blog; because I was trying to find out who it was. I agree with @Joe L

  14. fRagrantfouR

    I, too, thought that it was somebody a group of people would recognize, and that I wasn’t part of that group. The first thing I actually searched for was “mcdonalds romance author,” because well… I don’t read romance novels, and that would have made sense to me. I only saw the one commercial, though; had I seen others first that’s probably not the impression I’d have gotten.

  15. MikeC

    I thought it was a play off the world’s most interesting man

  16. Don

    My wife and i have argued forever. I too thought it was the younger guy come back from the future to help himself get the girl. They look sorta like father and son to me. So i admit, my wife was right for once and it’s just an old guy helping a stranger.

  17. RenoDavid

    Add me to the list of disappointed people after finding out it’s “just” an actor in the McNuggets commercial. It would have been much cooler to have some unknown genius giving the advice. Even the “young man as an old guy” scenario would have been better.

  18. Bobo

    I thought it could be Stan Lee, the comic book publisher who cameos in the movies they make about his characters.

  19. Bobo

    And who is the cute girl?

  20. Jennifer Armenta

    I thought they resurrected Kurt Vonnegut; dead ringer, literally.

  21. JRinna

    Brilliant commercial , I was courious to find out who the wise man was, it got my attention.

  22. Alex

    I thought it was Jerry Springer in disguise.

  23. Jane

    I just love the commercial and I am not generally a commercial buff. So what if Gregory White is “just” an actor….he makes you like him and that is what he is there for.

  24. Jim

    Personally, my first thought was that the “old guy” was a sneaky knock-off of Colonel Sanders — modern style and worldly-wise. It was a chicken nuggets commercial, after all.

  25. Patt

    I think the marketing concept behind the commercial is that he’s supposed to be a knock off of the Dos Equis man – you know, the most sought after man by beautiful women, etc. Silver haired, the accent – the parody is obvious, no?

  26. No. Not to me. Gregory doesn’t have an accent, and he just gives advice. There’s nothing to suggest he’s parodying “the most interesting man in the world” at all.

  27. Thanks for posting the info. I was curious who the guy was and now I am disappointed, but at least I know. :) I was actually initially drawn to the commercial because I thought it was supremely unappealing. I’m a 37 year old white guy so I am not the demo they are after. Sure, the girl was hot but the young man looked like a grubby tool who would never get the girl (sorry dude), especially not with the help from some old grubby guy telling him to buy some cheap as meal made out of chicken parts and sawdust (ok, that might be an exaggeration. I used to love chicken nuggets but I’ve been vegetarian for the last 14 years so I no longer eat that stuff). At least buy that chick a pink slime burger!!! MMMmmm good.

  28. Bob

    He was art patron no. 2 in “A Very Brady Sequel”

  29. Brenda

    The Mystery Man !!! Well at least he got everyone’s attention!!!