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Friday Wrap Up: Pump Up the Volume

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Last August, McDonald’s introduced the Chicken Box in Germany, offering a customizable, mix-and-match pack of Chicken McNuggets, Chicken McBites and Chicken Sticks. This site has since predicted that boxed multi-person meals with burgers would finally come to the U.S. in 2013, and we didn’t have to wait long to see it.

Just in time for the “big game,” Southeast chain Krystal this week has brought out a boxed offering called The Tailgater that goes an important step beyond the familiar 20-piece McNugget pack and Taco Bell’s Taco 12 Pack. Competitively priced at $15.99, the Tailgater combines 12 of the small, square burgers Krystal has been serving since the Great Depression with 20 of its chicken wings.

Obviously, Krystal’s Tailgater answers KFC’s $19.99 Gameday Bucket, which includes eight pieces of chicken, eight Hot Wings and 10 Original Recipe Bites. But Krystal’s is a multi-person combo pack of both burgers and chicken from a major chain. We’ll see more.

Separately, in his interview with earlier this week, McDonald’s franchisee J.M. Owens says the chain will rethink core menu items such as the Quarter Pounders. For an idea of what that could mean, take a look at the Arches’ menu in The Netherlands, where current LTOs are a Quarter Pounder with Bacon and a Quarter Pounder with Sweet BBQ Sauce.