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Five Guys, 5 Napkin Among AOL Burger Winners

5 Napkin Cheddar Bacon Burger

AOL announced the winners of its City’s Best program, where users vote for their favorite restaurants, bars, theaters, clubs, etc. We’ll skip the rest and home in on the Big Question: Who won Best Burger?
            As a resident of the state that elected Rod Blagojevich its governor, twice, I can say with authority that you never what you’ll get when the polls open. And the burger joints AOL voters selected are a mixed bag. I think Five Guys Burgers & Fries makes a fine burger, but if you vote for it as your city’s best, you haven’t gotten around enough. Yet Five Guys was voted the winner in three cities. Other chain winners are The Counter in Los Angeles and In-N-Out in Las Vegas. Curiously, no Best Burger awards were handed out in either Cleveland or Philadelphia? Good burgers abound in both cities but the omission isn’t addressed by AOL.
            The complete list follows:

Atlanta Vortex Bar & Grill
Austin, Texas Hut’s Hamburgers
Baltimore Five Guys Burgers & Fries
Boston Mr. Bartley’s
Charlotte, N.C. Penguin  Drive-In
Chicago DMK Burger Bar
Dallas Kincaid’s Hamburgers
Denver The Cherry Cricket
Detroit Red Coat Tavern
Houston Becks Prime
Las Vegas In-N-Out Burger
Los Angeles The Counter
Miami One Burger
Minneapolis/St. Paul Sandy’s Tavern
New York City 5 Napkin Burger
Orlando Five Guys Burgers & Fries
Phoenix Lenny’s Burger
San Diego Johnny B’s Burgers & Brew
San Francisco BIX
Seattle Scooter’s Burgers
St. Louis O’Connell’s Pub
Tampa Biff-Burger and Buffy’s Southern Pit Bar-B-Que
Washington, D.C. Five Guys Burgers & Fries

3 comments to Five Guys, 5 Napkin Among AOL Burger Winners

  • Ehhh… “The Counter” for LA is like saying “In N Out”…. or dare i say “McDonalds”. The Counter was interesting and groundbreaking when there was one or two locations. Now it’s a chain, and with all chains, the story is so hackneyed. Cool, you can choose from 50 different toppings and sauces to make exactly the burger you want. But 95% of them will taste terrible because you picked random stuff to throw on a burger.

    Obviously, our burger club feels strongly this isn’t the way to design the ‘best burger’. If you want variety, sure The Counter is good enough, but if you want a chef to design the ‘best burger’ in LA, stay away… try Umami, Father’s Office, 26 Beach, Rustic Canyon, or 20 other places first.

  • RichF

    I’d like to know how the voting was done and the criteria used. For Chicago there are many better burgers than DMK.

  • admin

    I believe it’s a simple “Vote for your favorite” invitation to AOL users.

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