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Five Burger Ideas from Spain

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One popular tool in McDonald’s Euro marketing kit has been the “My Burger” competition. Consumers dream up new burgers, usually under the mandate to use only on-hand ingredients, with the best ideas tried as limited-time offers.

MC Flanders


It’s not just a way to engage consumers; it also can be a means to developing actual menu winners. In fact, the much-discussed McRibster sandwich came to be through Austria’s “Mein Burger” competition last year.

At McDonald’s in Spain, the “Mi Hamburguesa” competition has narrowed to five finalists. Now that the Burger Brackets are over, we need something new to cast votes for, so consider these burger builds from Spain:

The MC Flanders: A beef patty specked with pepper topped with caramelized-onion sauce, lettuce, fresh onion, tomato, bacon and melted Emmental cheese on a French roll.

The McCantabrica: A crispy chicken patty with bacon-favored cheese, blue-cheese sauce, crispy onions and tomato on a corn-dusted ciabatta roll.

Duck Sauce


The Duck Sauce: A grilled chicken patty with spicy barbecue sauce (thus the name), lettuce, crispy onions and pepper-Jack cheese on a French roll.

The McChop: A beef patty with creamy mustard sauce, grilled onions, tomato, crisp red pepper bits, bacon and melted Emmental cheese on an Iberico roll.

The MC Bis: A crispy chicken patty with Monterey Jack cheese, sweet mustard, tomato, bacon and crispy onions on a semolina-dusted bun.

MC Bis

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One Response to Five Burger Ideas from Spain

  1. Zachary Jacob Zblewski

    The McCantabrica has bacon-flavored cheese, not the other way around.