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Fire-Grilled Ribs Move BK Into Casual-Dining Pricing

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[Watch the BK ribs commercial here.]
bkribs2Burger King
began its roll out of its new Fire-Grilled Ribs today. The limited-time promotion, expected to last through July 4, puts the chain’s new batch broilers to work and adds a super-premium-price product to the chain’s “barbell” pricing strategy, which seeks to balance budget-price and higher-ticket “indulgent” items such as the ribs.

In Chicago, at least, BK Fire-Grilled Ribs have been introduced at $7.49 for a 6-piece combo meal (with fries, barbecue dipping sauce and drink) or $8.99 for the 8-piece meal. That tops out at the bottom end of casual-dining pricing territory. For example, a half rack of baby back ribs with one side dish at Chili’s is only slightly higher in price at $9.99. And Chili’s Classic Bacon burger is less, at $8.39. Similarly, a small portion of Applebee’s Riblets with fries is priced at $9.99, and its Southwest Jalapeño Burger in its Realburgers line is $8.99. Considering the $5.99 pricetag on casual-tier Red Robin’s recent Prime Chophouse Burger LTO, Burger King is pushing up on QSRs’ price ceiling. But it’s not alone: Wendy’s new salads, coming in the third quarter, will be priced just under $6, the chain says.

bkporkIn February, Burger King Chairman-CEO John Chidsey said installation of the new broilers opened the door to a number of new menu possibilities, including the ribs, stuffed burgers and grilled chicken. A Tuscan Grilled Chicken sandwich is expected to be introduced as early as June.

In Chicago and a few other Midwest markets, Fire-Grilled Ribs will be sharing the Burger King menu with another limited-time pork item, the Country Pork Sandwich. That’s a mid-price item at $3.49 (or $3.99 with mayo, lettuce and tomato). It and the Fire-Grilled Ribs were developed in association with the National Pork Board.

3 Responses to Fire-Grilled Ribs Move BK Into Casual-Dining Pricing

  1. sam

    I just had these ribs.. and they were awful. It was overly greasy, almost all of the rib was fat and no meat. they weren’t even full ribs they were half of a rib. I am severely disappointed.

  2. Drew

    I figured they’d be gross. I just saw the commercial and instantly said those are NOT going to be good. I have no desire in trying them.

    I’m curious how they may taste, but not enough to waste the money on them.

    I’ll save the 7.50-9.00, and put it towards a real rack of ribs from a BBQ joint.

  3. rob

    I live in Hampton Roads, Virginia And I miss the Ribs. I thought they was very good but was costly. and many times they ran out. wish they try again.