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Farmer Boys Joins the Mini-Burger Trend. Sort of.

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Farmer Boys’ announcement that it has added a “slider” makes it official: Everyone is now on the mini-burger bandwagon. If any other chain decides it wants on, tough. They’ll just have to wait for the next trend.FARMER BOYS FOOD LOGO

But the 65-store chain–based in Riverside, Calif., and boasting a full breakfast-lunch-dinner menu and a loyal clientele–doesn’t seem to understand the “slider” concept as the rest of us know it: Although dubbed the Farmer’s Slider, this is no 49-cent White Castle Slyder in size or price. Instead, it’s more a semi-scaled down version of Farmer Boys’ basic Double Cheeseburger. Farmer Boys’ creation piles two burger patties, two slices of cheese, tomato, lettuce, pickle and, of course, Secret Sauce.

farmerslider“In these economic challenging economic times, it could have made sense to create a box of teeny burgers and called them ‘sliders,'” said Ken Clark, Farmer Boys’ President-COO in a statement. “But they wouldn’t reflect the value that is synonymous with the Farmer Boys brand. The ‘sliders’ we’ve created are Farmer Boys’ Sliders, sized exactly to what our Farmer Boys customers would expect from us.”

So it’s not really a “slider,” and at $5.49 for a combo meal, the Farmer’s Slider isn’t really a low-price option like Jack in the Box’s 3-for-$3.89 Mini Sirloin Burgers? In these challenging economic times? Great.

As long as Farmer Boys was squeezing one new item onto its menu, it clearly decided to live dangerously and also bring back the line of Salad Wraps it tried last summer. Varieties include Chunky Chicken Salad, Grilled Chicken Cobb, Grilled Chicken, BBQ Ranch Chicken and Crispy Chicken.

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  1. JanS11

    Slider? Too bad “Big Mac” was already taken.