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Facebook Campaign Asks “What Would You Give?”

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The chain that two years ago dared you to unfriend 10 people on Facebook in exchange for a free Whopper is once again using social media to find out what people will do in exchange for free food or prizes. The time the question is “What would you give?” and it’s being asked in Australia.

No lockout slowed the Australian Football League season, which began on time in March and concludes Oct. 1, 2011, with the Grand Final match that decides a champion.  Hungry Jack’s (Burger King in Australia) has launched a multimedia marketing campaign that asks consumers to risk losing personal possessions to show just how much they want to win four tickets to that match (touted in advertising as “the greatest prize on Earth”).

The “Whopper Grand Final Give Away” promotion gives consumers who buy a Whopper meal a unique code that, when entered online, is worth 100 chances in the drawing for prizes, including tickets and travel to the Grand Final, to be played at Melbourne Cricket Ground.

But do you really want to win? “What would you give?” promotion materials ask. Consumers can earn extra drawing chances by pledging via the Hungry Jack’s Facebook page to give up a personal possession—from a watch to a car—as proof of their deep desire for the tickets. Others can cast votes via Facebook for people who pledge the most valuable items, and each vote received is worth another drawing entry. Winners must give up their pledged items (which will be donated to The Salvation Army), so spouses are not allowed as collateral.

Early on, items consumers have pledged include their televisions or a cricket bat. TV commercials from Clemenger BBDO support the promotion.

2 Responses to Facebook Campaign Asks “What Would You Give?”

  1. mrs. gayle jackson

    i would give up my time for the weekend, while the footie game is on to a family in need of a respite carer while they enjoy a break with my loving husband and 24yr old loving son. they are great company and i know the family would love them, me, the game and a little break away for the weekend of the footie. love gayle aged 52 yrs.

  2. I would give myself to the Collingwood Club to wash and iron all their footy gear for a year,just to give my granddaughter Amy(19) a chance to see hers and my club play in a grand finale.We love the pie’s so much,and I would go without myself to let her enjoy the ride.PLEASE.