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Dunkin’, McDonald’s Expand Dollar Menus


[Dec. 14 Update: Jack in the Box accelerating breakfast push. see it here.]
[Dec. 4 Update: BK testing $1 English muffin sandwich to compete. See it here.]

McDonald’s reportedly will expand nationally the “Mix from Six” $1 breakfast menu it has been testing in Chicago. Meanwhile, Canton, Mass.-based Dunkin’ Donuts—one of the breakfast category’s toughest players—is bringing its own broadened 99-cent value menu into Chicago next week.

parfaitIn separate articles, the Chicago Tribune reported that McDonald’s plans to go national in January 2010 with the morning value menu that lowers to $1 the prices for six breakfast foods, including the Sausage Biscuit, Fruit ‘n Yogurt Parfait (left), two pancakes and others. That promotion was introduced to Chicago in August.

McDonald’s move may have been a reaction to Dunkin’ Donuts, which in June introduced its 99-cent Wake Up Wrap as part of a new “Breakfast NOT Brokefast” campaign (via Hill Holliday). Starting Monday, Nov. 9, Dunkin’ will introduce its own 6-item $1 menu in Chicago, the Tribune reports. In addition to the Wake Up Wrap (a 5-inch tortilla with scrambled egg and American cheese), the menu includes hash browns, raspberry Danish and a 5-pack of its signature Munchkins. All are 99 cents.

Wendy’s, which introduced a breakfast menu to several hundred stores but pulled it when sales disappointed, now says it expects to reintroduce a morning meal by the end of 2011, later than earlier predictions. President-CEO Roland Smith this week told analysts that its breakfast menu has been completely revamped. The chain “will take this new lineup and we will begin to reintroduce it into our three test markets early next year,” Smith said. “We will read those results. We will expand it from there and then ultimately our plan is to be prepared for a national launch by the end of 2011.” Kansas City, Mo.; Pittsburgh and Phoenix are Wendy’s test markets.

By year-end, Wendy’s will add a new “value offering” to its menu, according to Smith.

3 comments to Dunkin’, McDonald’s Expand Dollar Menus

  • Tom Fee

    If Wendy’s waits untill the end of 2011 to try and catch up, they are crazy. Sounds like they need new leadership.

  • Florence

    Please bring a Dunkin Donuts to Prescott/Prescott Valley Arizona. We are desperate to have this.
    The closest are in Phoenix 75 miles away.

  • jack


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