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Did Food Network Pick the 50 Best Burger Joints?

Burger Joint/New York

Burger Joint/New York

Food Network Magazine–the print incarnation of the cable TV colossus–is trying to make a little noise and get a little attention by picking a top burger restaurant in each state. The issue’s on newsstands next week but here’s the list. Geography majors will have more fun with this interactive map of the states and their burger winners.

How’d the mag do? Well, it’s a tough task, and burger lovers are going to howl in protest no matter which 50 joints are spotlighted because we’re like that. There are a lot of great burger spots listed, but the mix of chains and independents can be awkward.  In-N-Out the pick for California? Yes, everyone loves INO, but is a multi-unit concept a fair pick? The choice of Winstead’s for Kansas has the same problem. And DC gets totally disenfranchised again.

New York City has so many great burger emporiums–brgr, Paul’s Da Burger Joint and Stand come to mind immediately–that the choice of the aptly named Burger Joint for New York probably won’t please most locals. It has atmosphere but it’s tucked into the lobby of the tony Le Parker Meridien hotel, which gives it a slightly faux-funky aura. But, again, fine burgers.

Check out your state. Feel free to disagree. Tell us how well you think Food Network Magazine did in assigning your best burger bet.

4 Responses to Did Food Network Pick the 50 Best Burger Joints?

  1. John Huton

    I do have to agree with the Illinois pick. Even though I’ve never eaten there, I’ve heard the burgers are the best you’ve ever had. There’s always a wait to get in, regardless of the day.

  2. Haynes2

    Very good point on the chains vs. stand-alone spots. What would be the burger version phrase for wanting an “apples-to-apples” comparison? (No one will ever try to rank the best apples.)

  3. I wonder why they didn’t post one for D.C. which has a plethora of great spots. Z Burger is one of them out of the many. They have delicious burgers, a plethora of shakes with great flavors and the best onion rings in D.C.

  4. Gary

    Food network picked the 50 best burgers per state, not the 50 best burger joints…but the list in the article contains the corresponding burger restaurant that produces the “best” single burger in the state