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Customization Comes to the Chicken Snack Wars

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When McDonald’s introduced Chicken McNuggets in 1983, a serving was five or six. That worked for a long time, but now as QSRs race to offer more or better chicken snacks, a serving is not enough. McDonald’s France came up with the Chicken Box, with six McNuggets , three chicken wings and three chicken strips. McDonald’s UK notched that up to 20 McNuggets in what was called a Share Box. The U.S. adopted the 20-piece McNugget box in March of this year, pricing it at just $4.99 and letting it anchor McDonald’s revised Extra Value Menu.

But what with the addition of Chicken McBites McDonald’s chicken-snack portfolio needed something new, something bigger. Enter the new, expanded Chicken Box at McDonald’s, now on offer in Germany and Luxembourg. This applies the build-your-own-burger idea to fried-chicken snacks. The “Chicken 3er Box” is three portions and three dipping sauces. The “Chicken 5er Box” packs five portions of chicken and five sauces. You pick the chicken you want from among Chicken McNuggets (six pieces in a portion), Chicken Sticks (three in a portion) or Chicken McBites (portions are by weight not number). Mix and match as you wish. Want five portions of McNuggets? Fine.

If that sounds complicated or excessive, consider how out-of-portion-control the chicken battlefield has become. In Australia, KFC offers a “Five Stars Box” with—ready?—one piece of Original Recipe chicken, one BBQ Wing, three Wicked Wings, one snack-size portion of Popcorn Chicken, fries and a drink. And mashed potatoes with gravy.

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