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Chains’ Fall Menu Season Gets Early Start

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Revised menus are as sure a sign of fall as back-to-school ads and a fresh batch of bad TV programs. Here are a few new items that have  been added just this week (so far):

Ξ Sticking with its previously announced plans, Sonic has launched its Loaded Burgers line (watch commercial at left) intended to keep up with competitors’ big burgers. The first two quarter-pound versions are a Western Chili Loaded Burger and Spicy Southwest Loaded Burger

Ξ Also expected was the arrival of a fourth member of Jack in the Box’s family of grilled sandwiches. The Pastrami Grilled Sandwich has pastrami, Swiss cheese, pickle slices and deli mustard. It joins the Deli Trio; Turkey, Bacon & Cheddar; and Grilled Breakfast Sandwich. The pastrami sandwich is $3.99.

Ξ In Europe, Burger King continues to explore how many Whopper variations it can create. The latest, unveiled this week in Switzerland and Austria, is the Spicy Mexican Whopper, a follow-up to the California Whopper that’s still menued in a few countries. What gives the Spicy Mexican Whopper its kick are red jalapeños, garlic sauce and—awkwardly out of place—“sunny Cajun mayonnaise.” The same Cajun spread inexplicably is slathered on the Texican Burrito that BK is offering in Germany.

Ξ Steak ‘n Shake’s new burger is a Portobello ‘n Swiss Steakburger. Butter Pecan and Apple Caramel milkshakes and Southwest Grilled Chicken and Apple Walnut Harvest entree salads also have been added.

Ξ And what’s going on with the mini-burger boys? Krystal has added chicken wings that it brands as Game Time Wings. These are offered in Hot n Wild, Zingin’ Buffalo and Smokin’ BBQ flavors. White Castle, meanwhile, has rebranded its unit in Lafayette, Ind., as WhiteCastle/Blaze Modern BBQ. Barbecue is available from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.; Slyders are always available.

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  1. thanks again, great articles. bk still loosing, why not introduce mexican menus or chinese and really start to compete?