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McDonald’s Cooks Up Steak Menu in Australia

McDonald’s has put steak on the menu in Australia, adding two new McWraps (Steak & Garlic Aïoli and Steak & BBQ), a Steak Salad with Thai-Style Dressing and a Steak & Egg Brekkie Wrap for mornings. For budget buyers there is a $3 Mini Steak Taster wrap that’s less than half the AUS$7.95 (US$6.96) price […]

McWrap’s Global Trek Extending to Australia

McWrap’s Global Trek Extending to Australia

In a tightly competitive and unpredictable global Informal Eating Out market, the McWrap has proven to be one of McDonald’s steadiest successes. Next week McWrap continues its march around the world when it is introduced in Australia, according to sources. Speaking at the Sanford Bernstein 2013 Strategic Decisions Conference in May, McDonald’s Corp. CEO Don […]

Is a Tzatziki McWrap Next?

McDonald’s new Premium McWrap is more than a new menu item, it is, in restaurant parlance, a new “platform,” meaning different varieties can be added. Part of its appeal is that almost anything can be rolled in a flour tortilla and added as a McWrap LTO without requiring major crew retraining. The first three varieties […]

McDonald’s Plan: Outwit, Outplay, Outlast

McDonald’s Plan: Outwit, Outplay, Outlast

McDonald’s Corp. CEO Don Thompson explained the company’s poor showing in the first quarter by stressing once again that the Informal Eating Out (IEO) marketplace is a zero-sum game where survival and growth come at the expense of competitors. “Our growth is going to come from taking market share,” Thompson told analysts. The “thoughtful and […]

McDonald’s, Wendy’s Roll Out Sandwiches

McDonald’s, Wendy’s Roll Out Sandwiches

While Burger King manically adds new items by the dozen, McDonald’s and Wendy’s next week will introduce new mid-price chicken sandwiches with little risk because the tortilla and flatbread platforms have been tried and proven successful elsewhere for years. McDonald’s McWrap is another idea it borrows from its European operations (where beef and shrimp varieties […]

LTO Pipeline: McWraps and BK Bacon Burger

[Updated with McDonald’s Corp. comment] With quick-service restaurant competition heavily dependent on the buzz and interest generated by new products, both McDonald’s and Burger King are auditioning new limited-time menu stars. Getting a tryout at McDonald’s is a three-item line of McWraps, while Burger King is looking at a new value-priced item, the $1 BK […]

McDonald’s Outlines a Trio of Brand Goals

Jim Skinner’s last McDonald’s Corp. shareholders meeting as its CEO today followed the script of so many meetings that preceded it. Skinner and Don Thompson—McDonald’s president-COO, who succeeds him as CEO on July 1—vowed to stay a course that has been reaping rewards (such as the 8.9% jump in Q1 comp sales). A parade of […]

Burger Chains Eye New Premium-Price Items


Prepare for a parade of new indulgent burgers, flatbread sandwiches and wraps at the high end of the price spectrum. In the past week, top executives at both McDonald’s and Wendy’s have signaled their desire to develop new premium-price items to balance value-menu and mid-price foods added last year in the face of an economy […]

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