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Monday News-Nugget Catch-Up for 9/14

► So…. Seems we were wrong about Hardee’s next menu addition. The new burger will be announced today and blogger WouldIBuyItAgain.com says his Hardee’s counter-worker source tipped that it will be a “Big Hardee” or similar version of sister-chain Carl’s Jr.’s “Big Carl.” Hold the mozzarella. ► But for something truly unexpected, consider the P’tit Plaisir Sauce […]

Hardee’s Readying Yet Another Menu Addition

The quick-service restaurant industry’s most ambitious and most prolific menu innovator is reloading again:  Hardee’s this week has been Twitter-teasing its fans about “a new product making its way to a restaurant near you.” Sources suggest the new addition—which could be unveiled as early as Friday (9/11)—might  have an Italian accent: a Mozzarella Thickburger it is believed […]

Monday News-Nugget Catch-Up for 9/7

► Watch for Burger King to expand current marketing for its $1 Whopper Jr. discount into a bigger campaign for $3 Whopper Jr. Meal combos that include the Whopper Jr. plus small fries and a beverage. BK CEO John Chidsey said recently that the chain will be more heavily promoting its $1 items. ► Sonic […]

QSRs Continue Their March Toward Dollar-Store Status

Only a month ago, this site asked if $2.99 had become the new $5 on QSR menus. And we wondered aloud if menu pricing would trend up or down through the remainder of the summer. Here are some answers: ► California chain Wienerschnitzel has added a new “UnDer $1 Menu.” At its stores, 99 cents now buys […]

BK’s Plan: More “Value-Priced” Items and Extra Thick Burgers

Burger King’s marketing plan for the next 12 months includes heavier promotion for its $1 menu items, development of more “value focused” new products and the national introduction next February of its premium Extra Thick Burger. The first change comes next month when Nascar driver Tony Stewart becomes Burger King’s advertising spokesman. Those and other revelations […]

Size Matters: BK Takes On McD’s Double Cheeseburger

While Carl’s Jr. is kicking the Big Mac for being puny and over-priced, McDonald’s Double Cheeseburger is the target of new “mine’s bigger than yours” trash talk from Burger King. Burger King failed last month to convince all of its franchisees to endorse a limited-time $1 Double Cheeseburger promotion. However, in selected markets—including Chicago and […]

Carl’s Jr. Talks Tough, Unleashes New Big Mac Killer


httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=syOisVda_R0 Sexy ads haven’t reversed its sales slippage. Neither has snickering humor. Now, a frustrated CKE Restaurants wants to make “the facts” the battleground in its competitive war with McDonald’s. Its Carl’s Jr. chain today unveiled a new Big Carl burger, a double-decker sandwich that CKE claims has twice the meat and twice the cheese as McDonald’s […]

QSR Pricing Gone Wild: Is $2.99 Already the New $5?

[UPDATES: Sonic has added a $2.99 burger and shake combo; Fatburger has priced its Baby Fat  burger at $2.99] Not quite, but $5 now is more often the ceiling than the middle. Quick-service restaurants’ pre-recession 3-tier pricing model of “budget/everyday-value/premium price” is in danger of being rewritten as “free/$2.99/$5.” July closes with White Castle promoting […]