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Research Finds Calorie Info Counterproductive

Research Finds Calorie Info Counterproductive

Overloading consumers’ brains with nutrition information may not be the way to keep them from overloading their plates. A new study of McDonald’s patron’s food-purchasing behavior finds that providing information about recommended calorie intake coupled with posted calorie information not only doesn’t reduce calorie intake, there is some evidence that such recommendations may promote purchase […]

McWrap Gives McDonald’s Image Boost

Introduction of the Premium McWrap has given McDonald’s image a positive spike among self-described healthy fast-food eaters, according to ongoing research by YouGov BrandIndex. Beginning in mid-March when word spread that McWrap was coming through the beginning of April after its rollout, McDonald’s brand image rose to 44 on March 29 on the YouGov BrandIndex […]

Year of the Bun’s Gluten-Free Version

Year of the Bun’s Gluten-Free Version

When I forecast last November that 2013 would be the “Year of the Bun,” I had pretzel buns, ciabatta and such in mind. But increasingly this also is being the year of the gluten-free bun as more and more burger shops adapt to the approximately 1% of consumers who have Celiac disease. For many that […]

McDonald’s Puts Calorie Counts on Menu Boards

McDonald’s Puts Calorie Counts on Menu Boards

Less than two months after reorganizing its menu boards to spotlight items with 400 or fewer calories, McDonald’s Corp. announced that beginning next week it will include calorie information for all items on in-store and drive-thru menus. In doing so, it gets a jump on a requirement in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act […]

Carls’ Jr., Hardee’s Sticking with Premium-Price Burgers

Ever the contrarian, CKE Restaurants CEO Andy Puzder thumbed his nose at most burger-chain trends as he vowed to keep Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s selling indulgent burgers to “young, hungry guys.” Specialty coffees like McCafé offers or frappés like Burger King has added? Nah. Puzder said he’s not interested in the “more-variety approach.” Also not […]

Hungry Jack’s Raises the Ante with Veggie Option

Burger King’s Australian affiliate, Hungry Jack’s, matched rival McDonald’s decision to add calorie information on menu boards and then raised the ante. By the end of October, Hungry Jack’s will offer a raw-veggie side-dish option. HJ’s Salad Stix cup will contain sliced broccoli, carrot, celery and bell pepper with the option of hummus dip alongside […]

Kiwis’ LTO Menu and Brits’ Calorie Counts

“Just because” is the tagline for advertising announcing the return of the Kiwi Burger to McDonald’s menu in New Zealand. The casual tone is apt because this burger—which isn’t made from the flightless bird but does top its beef patty with a slice of beet and a cooked egg—has been popping on and off the […]

McDonald’s Revises Happy Meals


[7/27 Update: Watch this UK spot featuring giant Happy Meal boxes and a Dave Clark Five soundtrack.] McDonald’s Corp. today announced a new commitment to improving the healthfulness of its Happy Meals just weeks after declining to join Burger King and other chains in the National Restaurant Association’s similarly targeted Kids LiveWell program.  McDonald’s USA […]

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