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Victory for Veggie Burgers

Victory for Veggie Burgers

Meatless burgers used to be menu negatives, offered to avoid the dreaded “veto vote” from a dining group’s  non-meat eaters. But meatless burgers now have become menu positives, present because more than just vegetarians order them. “We’re carnivores at heart but people are becoming more plant-forward, especially in the last two years,” says Euripedes Pelekanos, […]

White Castle Considers Veggie Sliders

Continuing its push to update the brand and innovate on its menu, White Castle is stepping up its interest in Veggie Sliders. The chain has contacted loyalists by email to ask if a Veggie Slider would appeal to them enough to bring them to a White Castle restaurant. Additionally it is asking consumers to rate […]

Burger King Stuffs Its Menu

Burger King’s Spring Menu for 2013 explodes in literally a dozen directions like fireworks. As BurgerBusiness.com tipped last week, new menu items include a Chipotle Whopper and Donut Holes. But this menu flies all over the board: there are a stuffed beef burger, regular beef burger, turkey and chicken sandwiches plus a chicken wrap. It […]

McDonald’s Promotes Spicy Menu, Facebook in India


Social media are taking hold in India, where Facebook opened its first office just five months ago, and where its users reportedly numbered  15 million then. So it’s not surprising that McDonald’s first Facebook marketing campaign is designed as something of a social-media tutorial. McDonald’s on Monday introduced a new four-item “Spicy Delights” menu in […]

Gone Fishing: A Dozen Burgers for Lent

Officially, Lent begins next Wednesday. But for burger-chain menus, observance already is gearing up. Culver’s tomorrow brings back its Hand-Battered Northwoods Walleye sandwich. McDonald’s has a Double Fillet-O-Fish ready to go, Burger King will revive its Big Fish sandwich and Wendy’s has its Premium Fish Fillet and Sea-Salt Fries duo. Checkers has a 2-for-$3 deal […]

Smashburger Extends Menu to Meatless

[Feb. 3 Update: Smashburger has extended the vegetarian menu to its units in Idaho, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Northern California and Wichita, Kan.] Fast-growing fast-casual Smashburger certainly isn’t afraid of tinkering with the concept. Last fall, it boldly took its menu beyond burgers into chicken sandwiches and salads. Then, this month, it bent its local-flavors approach to accommodate […]