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McDonald’s Turns a Corner with New Prototype

McDonald’s Turns a Corner with New Prototype

McDonald’s has converted one of its McCafé units in Sydney, Australia, to “The Corner,” a trial cafe brand that foods such as Moroccan chicken breast, chipotle pulled pork, brown rice and lentils. Protein & Rice Boxes are assembled Chipotle-style with chutney or chimichurri sauce. Baristas serve up coffee drinks. Craft sodas in flavors such as […]

McDonald’s to Cut Menu Next Month

McDonald’s to Cut Menu Next Month

Eleven months after former McDonald’s Corp. COO Tim Fenton conceded, “We stumbled a little bit last year with too many new products, too fast and created a lot of complexity,” the chain finally is going to address its bloated menu, tossing out a few items. During an investor conference this week, McDonald’s executives reportedly said […]

Innovation on the Menu for McDonald’s

Innovation on the Menu for McDonald’s

McDonald’s is renewing its push to foster innovation as the way to build its QSR sales leadership in a slow-growth restaurant marketplace. The result of that push may be significant developments in food, store operations and technology. The focus on continued innovation was a recurring theme during the company’s two-day “Open Doors” event for journalists […]

McDonald’s Announces Olympics Menu

Despite earlier promises that its London Olympics-sites menu would be the broadest it ever has assembled for the Games, athletes, press and spectators will find a menu that’s so narrow and safe as to be a bit of a gold-medal disappointment. There may be a 9,843-square-foot McDonald’s (its largest) at the Games, but the menu […]

Summer Magic: Burger King Rolls Out BBQ Menu

Burger King’s newfound ambitiousness continues to surprise. The chain announced a new summer menu that includes not just the rollout of the Carolina BBQ Whopper as predicted here earlier this week, but a rolling series of limited-time items that includes all of the products it had tested earlier this year in Nashville, including the much […]

Monday Meeting: Bubble Tea, BBQ and Taste


Is there a more curious cross-cultural mashup than an American fast-food chain hawking a Taiwanese beverage in Germany? Meet “Chan McTi” a Chinese character who may cross the border into caricature as he introduces bubble tea—tea with tapioca pearls—to McCafé in Germany. In his lemon-lime suit, Chan’s antic energy will make you wonder what’s really […]

Starbucks to McCafé: Not So Fast


Starbucks’ $100 million acquisition of San Francisco-based Bay Bread LLC and its La Boulange bakery brand speeds the transformation of its coffee shops into bakery/cafes. As such, many observers see Starbucks looking to take share from top bakery/cafe brand Panera Bread. But Starbucks may also be moving to blunt the rapid growth of McCafé. Coffee […]