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What McDonald’s Can Learn From Canada

Well, that didn’t work. McDonald’s Corp. reported a 4% decline in comp sales for February, the month it rolled out the sweet “Choose Lovin’” campaign. Even those who did don’t seem to have chosen McDonald’s as well. So now what? McDonald’s can either decide it’s in the middle of a two-year “correction” that will result […]

Trend Forward: Montreal’s Poutine Week Winners

Poutine, Canada’s comfort food, likely will be on the menu at most top burger bars here within a few years. It’s served in many places now. Don’t fight it. Poutine—traditionally fries, cheese curds and gravy—goes great with a burger and, like a burger, can be dressed up a million ways. As proof see last week’s […]

South St. Burger Co. Steps Up to the Bar

 Canadian fast-casual burger chain South St. Burger Co. opens its 29th location this week, but one of its stores is not like the others. No. 28, which opened last month on King Street in Toronto, is branded South St. Burger Bar. More like a pub than a typical fast-casual burger restaurant, the location has beer […]

The Works Has Beer Burgers On Tap

Burgers and craft beers have gone steady long enough to worry their parents but Canada’s The Works Gourmet Burger Bistro chain is thinking marriage with two limited-time beer-infused burgers and a third with a touch of root beer. The burgers will join the menu at its 25 Ontario and one Newfoundland location on Oct. 20, […]

Triple O’s Piles On a Poutine Burger

Had Burger King really wanted to be inventive and daring, it would have put a Poutine Burger on its menu instead of its four-fry French Fry Burger. It didn’t go all the way but Triple O’s has. The Vancouver, B.C.-based, 40-unit chain has added not just a Poutine Burger that does the Canadian culinary delight […]

Four Canadian Cities Celebrate Burger Week

Burger Week Montreal began last year as a 30-restaurant competition to find the city’s best burger. The winner was Burger Bar Crescent’s mind-bending, poutine-topped Hangover Burger. It was a hard act to follow, but this year’s Burger Week was four times better. That’s because this year’s September 1-7 event was held simultaneously in four Canadian […]

Tim Hortons and QSRs’ “New Reality”

Marc Caira took over as president and CEO of Tim Hortons on July 2, 2013. Previously Global CEO of Nestlé Professional, the 50-year-old Caira is just Canadian-based Tim Hortons’ fourth CEO. Paul House, whom he succeeded, lauded Caira during last week’s quarterly earnings call for spending his first month on the job meeting corporate team members […]

McDonald’s Still Loves New York


This is Australia’s year to get McDonald’s promotions it’s previously been denied, apparently. It’s just finishing its first exposure to that McMarketing chestnut, the Monopoly game-piece promotion. No sooner will consumers find out who won the grand-prize Kia than will McDonald’s kick off one of its other global favorite sales-building tools, the America-themed menu. Sources […]

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