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Burger of the Month Specials for May 2013

Could there be a better way to acknowledge National Burger Month than to spotlight the remarkable culinary creativity that drives the burger business? Appropriately, the May Burger of the Month specials display a wide variety of influences. There’s Southern cuisine in Bobby Flay’s Pimiento Burger; there are two Mediterranean and one Caribbean burger on the […]

Burger of the Month Specials for April 2013

Burger of the Month Specials for April 2013

A month that begins with the silliness of April Fools’ Day is bound to be an outlandish one and the burger of the month specials from across the country don’t disappoint. There are some wild as well as delicious builds on menus this month. You know something’s up when there are two bologna burgers: the […]

Burger of the Month Specials for March 2013

Burger of the Month Specials for March 2013

It’s March so you had to expect that many of the Burgers of the Month specials at burger joints around the country would have a St. Patrick’s Day tilt. Others are creating their own holidays. You can see the whole list here, but here are a few highlights: ♣ Slater’s 50/50 in Southern California rarely disappoints. […]

February’s Burger of the Month Specials

Valentine’s Day isn’t a burger sort of day. It may not even be a “day.” That may be why only Buckeye Beer Engine in Ohio is making hearts and roses the theme of its February burger special. What we have instead from many burger joints this month are a lot of Italian-inspired burgers on offer. […]

January’s Burger of the Month Specials

After Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays made finding themes for burger-of-the-month specials easy, burger joints return to their normal eclecticism as the new year begins. Grafton Irish Bar & Grill in Chicago tries a new-year theme with its 2013 burger, but others simply get wild and crazy. The usual. 5 Star Burger, multiple Southwest locations […]

December’s Burger Specials: End of the Year Tales

The best of times. The worst of times. Some of the December Burger of the Month specials at burger joints echo beloved end-of-the-year children’s stories. The Roast Beast at Seattle’s Blue Moon Burgers nods to Dr. Seuss’s “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.” It begins with the house-standard seasoned third-pound beef patty and adds slices of […]

Burgers of the Month for November ’12

The roundup of burger joints’ monthly specials will continue to run in its box on the right sidebar, but I’m giving them full post attention occasionally, too, because there’s always so much culinary creativity that it would be a shame to miss this feature. If you overslept because of Daylight Savings and didn’t update your […]