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Can the McCafé Cup Replace the Coke Glass?

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httpvh:// It’s a sign of McCafé’s importance to McDonald’s—in Europe at least—that the chain that made the Coca-Cola-glass giveaway a promotional staple is now giving out coffee cups.

Beginning today, McDonald’s in France (where it is colloquially called McDo) once again offers customers one of six brightly colored coffee cup from well-known kitchenware marketer Revol with purchase of a menu item and a McCafé coffee (or other hot beverage). McDonald’s first ran the cup promotion last summer

Will consumers be excited about getting yet another coffee cup for the cupboard? The answer comes in a video (at left) from DDB Paris. It shows passers-by delightedly helping themselves to 20,000 of the “crumpled cups,” which were arranged in giant displays in a Paris plaza.

2 Responses to Can the McCafé Cup Replace the Coke Glass?

  1. Ron Ingber

    Interesting marketing campaign, although I wonder about its effectiveness – what kind of return does McD expect from the investment?
    Any idea how much it cost?
    Will McD attempt to track how many beverages it serves in the special cup?
    What were the results from the promotion “last summer”?
    BTW, the link to the “last summer” freezes up my Internet Explorer

  2. Christina Carabini

    Starting this year McDonald’s will install coffee bars with baristas serving cappuccinos lattes mochas.and the Frappe similar to Starbucks ice-blended Frappuccino. McDonald’s says it wants customers to see the coffee beans being ground and baristas topping the mochas and Frappes with whipped cream.