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BurgerBusiness Poll: Which New BK Menu Items Will Last?

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A year ago, Burger King was testing Kraft macaroni and cheese as a possible national menu addition. Big surprise: It flopped. Think drive-thru. But chain menu management is a hit-and-miss proposition at best. Mac and cheese might have made it.bk_brshots

So far this year, Burger King’s menu R&D team has been working overtime. We’ve had BK Burger Shots and BK Breakfast Shots minis. We have grilled pork ribs testing in Nevada and Indiana (at possibly elsewhere). The new BK Whopper Bar is selling a Bourbon Whopper along with Three Cheese and Pepper Bacon versions of a new Steakhouse XT burger. And the chain reportedly has more than three dozen menu items it wants to test, including grilled salmon.

It’s unlikely all these menu items will make the grade, so tell the world which will survive. Choose no more than three.

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2 Responses to BurgerBusiness Poll: Which New BK Menu Items Will Last?

  1. Allison P

    Is there a “none of the above” option? :)

  2. admin

    There wasn’t. There should have been. There is now.