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BurgerBusiness Is Closed; Thanks for Coming

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Turn off the grill. The final post has been added to BurgerBusiness, which now suspends publication (the Killer Burger Recipes page remains active). It’s time. I always will be proud of the site I created in February 2009, and proud of the readers and advertisers it has attracted since then. I have met or spoken with many incredible men and women in the industry who work very hard to serve the very best burgers in the best possible environment, and I admire you. Because any day that includes a burger is a better day, I’ll continue to show up regularly at your burger joints. Thank you to all.

Scott Hume

30 Responses to BurgerBusiness Is Closed; Thanks for Coming

  1. Matt DeBusk

    Scott, I have highly enjoyed reading your site and looked forward to each post. Your updates have been insightful, educational, humourous, and always on target. Congratulations on creating and maintaining a fantastic publication and good luck in your next venture. All the best to your future success!

  2. Teresa Bippen

    Good Luck with your future endeavors. I enjoyed your posts and insights.

  3. Mikkel Andersen

    Oh no… Have enjoyed your posts tremendously.

    All the best!

  4. Gkenn

    Sorry, to see you go. Good luck! I truly valued this website.

  5. Jim Williams



    We will miss Burger Business for sure!!!

  6. vivian yip

    thank you for your hard work and I will miss this site. Good luck in any future endeavors. Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!

  7. kim bartley

    Wow! I’m so sorry that it is not going forward. Good luck and I hope the reason for this is not any problem that is insurmountable. Take care of yourself and thank you for caring about the business.

  8. You did a fantastic job. I loved your site and am sorry it won’t be around to enjoy in the future. Best wishes and God Speed to you.

  9. Jeffrey Kitchen

    I am so sorry that you are leaving ,because the information that you provided was awesome but we wish you the best and God speed

  10. Astro Jetson

    Will miss the burger news from all over. I travel, it was nice to come here and check the trends out for my next trip.

    Good luck on your next endeavor!

  11. Kevin Houston

    say it ain’t so.

    Sorry to see you end this run.

  12. Nancy Kruse

    Oh, Scott, say it isn’t so. I have found BB to be one of the truly indispensable reads in the business. Can’t tell you how much I’ve looked forward to each issue, nor can I tell you how much you’ll be missed. The burger biz will somehow be a little less fun without you. I hope the restaurant industry will continue to benefit from your talent and insight, albeit through another vehicle. All good wishes.

  13. Daaang, that’s a surprise and a bummer. I really enjoyed this site and seeing all the creative burgers out there. Good luck in the future.

  14. Shane

    Very sorry to see this end…where will I get my burger info now??????????
    Thanks for all your hard work!

  15. Nooooo! Very sorry to hear this. Love your site and found it very informative. Good luck in your next adventure!

  16. Nancy Todys

    Thank you for all of the useful information and insights. We will miss you.

  17. Pat Dailey

    Another great ride comes to an end!

  18. Jeff Zwally

    What?! No….sad to see this site close down. Best of luck in your next venture!

  19. Alex Wilson

    This is such a bummer to hear. I’m not in the business, just a fan. One of my friends turned me on to your site a few years ago and I’ve enjoyed the stories. Wish you all the best in your future, but sad to see this go.

  20. richard ginn

    What!?!?!? Why is this site going under???

  21. Mary Anne

    Very sad to lose you, I’ve always enjoyed your posts. Safe travels friend.

  22. Jeremy Braga

    Sad to see it go

  23. Roger

    Thanks for all of your work on this site, it’s been a daily place to visit, read and stay current.
    Best of luck in your future endeavors (

  24. Very sorry to hear this. You gave me a great interview for my fast food story last year, and I appreciated your insight, enthusiasm and expertise in this field. You championed the little guy, the oversized and the chains with the same fair, balanced objectivity. You will be missed.

  25. Wayne

    I’ve been a regular visitor for a few years, sorry to see it end.

  26. Burger Lad®

    Sorry to see me all time favourite website go. All the best Scott. Thank you!

  27. Scott,

    Sad to see you go…. There was no better source than Burger Business !! You will be missed.

  28. sp0nd

    Oh no! Thanks for everything!

  29. Sorry to hear that, I used to write posts based on your articles. I haven’t find any better business related sites about fastfood and hamburgers, so I literally gonna miss your work.

    I wish you tons of succes in anything you’re working on!!! :)

  30. Andrew Bell

    What a bummer. This was such an awesome site for us burger and QS lovers. Wishing you well in your next journey.