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DMK's No. 11 lamb burger

Coming to Chicago for the NRA Show this weekend? Then you’ll want to visit several of the city’s best burger joints.  You don’t think former President Bill Clinton’s coming just to deliver the keynote address do you? Even if you’re not coming to the Show this year, you’ll want to know what some of the cool burger places have on their menus, right? has compiled a list of 14 notable places in the city where you can get a great burger. All are within a reasonable cab ride from wherever you’ll be. The list’s not definitive because this is a burger town. This is the headquarters city of the world’s biggest burger chain, after all.  Almost every restaurant has a burger on the menu and new burgercentric restaurants open all the time. You can’t go far wrong.

Go here to download and print the list, with addresses, links to websites and order suggestions. Enjoy.