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Burger of the Month Specials: May 2016

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Welcome to National Burger Month. The world’s burger bars are certainly in a celebratory mood, as evidenced by the May Burger of the Month Specials on menus. As always, some amazing creativity is at play. I mean, who puts grilled bamboo on a burger? Burger Theory, the inventive burger truck that works the streets of Adelaide, Australia, does. Its May special (below, right), called “It’s Easy Being Green (Curry),” includes a curry sauce with lemongrass, garlic kaffir lime and more, plus the aforementioned grilled bamboo plus Thai basil and coriander on top.Burger Theory Green Curry

That wild burger opens the door to acknowledging the clever names dreamed up for burgers. Between the Buns came up with “Bratweiler” for its bratwurst-topped burger. Burger Fusion thought up “Out Like a Lamb Fusion Burger” for its May lamb burger. The “Grand Ole Opry”? That’s Burger, Tap & Shake’s translation of Nashville Hot Chicken into a special May sandwich. And “Well D’Onion” is the name of Mooyah’s burger with diced, grilled and fried onion. 5 Star Burgers’ “Big Mick” is a nod to the Big Mac. And “The Brujeria aka El Hijo Del Santo Burg” at Grill ‘Em All? Yeah, I have no idea.

Drama_Tikka2There may be no better example of how global the burger business has become than to look at the recently opened Tampa, Fla., location of Drama Burger, a concept based in Poland. And what’s its May Burger of the Month? A very Indian Tikka Masala Burger.

Interesting trends this month: Look through the list and find the two burger bars menuing bread & butter pickle coleslaw this month. Two others have combined North African spice paste harissa with mayo for a spicy sauce.

And I’ll throw out this teaser: I’m often asked to name the wildest burger I’ve seen lately. I wrote down the description of Kuma’s Corner/Indianapolis’ “Skeletonwich” and put it in my wallet so I can answer that question. You’ll find this and more than 60 other burgers in the complete May Burger of the Month list, which Reinhart Foodservice makes possible with its sponsorship.