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Burger King Unleashes $1, $2, $3 Stackers

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In 2009, Burger King kicked the hornet’s nest by promoting a ¼-lb. Double Cheeseburger for just $1. BK franchisees hated it because consumers loved it: each budget-priced burgr sold was another chip away at profit margins because beef costs were high. Operators sued; BK won. The compromise was the creation of the $1 Buck Double (with one cheese slice) and an increase in the Double Cheeseburger price to $1.19 and up.

Now the BK budget-burger barrage is back and it has brought bacon with it. Reactions by both commodity-cost-challenged competitors and sales-sliding BK franchisees will be worth watching. 

The chain is rolling out the BK Single Stacker for $1; the BK Double Stacker for $2 and BK Triple Stacker for $3. All three have cheese, bacon and something called “Stacker Sauce.” The burgers are not just budget priced but timed to hit the market when most other competitors are locked into promoting fish sandwiches for the next few weeks. Wendy’s has crispy cod and sea-salt fries? OK, Burger King has a $3 triple-patty bacon cheeseburger. Your choice.